Is A Holistic Approach To Health Beneficial? UYTI215

a holistic approach to health may be an alternative

Holistic healing is not new to the world. It has been around as long as man has. Everything from witch doctors to grandma’s home remedies can be considered to be a form of holistic health care. One of the main historical characters of holistic medicine and health is…

How To Achieve Higher Consciousness – UYT204

learn how to achieve higher consciousness

Do you know how to achieve higher consciousness? Do you even understand what consciousness is at its base? Many humans are sleepwalking. Not present within their body. Or they totally …

What Is My Soul Journey? FCRG370

what is my soul journey

Your soul just like you is an aspect of God an aspect of Source Energy, a fragment of the great all that is, that has pinched itself off in order to …

How To Meditate For All Levels UYT183

learn how to meditate for beginners

Learning how to meditate can be a real chore for some. Understandably when you start a new practice of any kind it can be a challenge. My intention today is to provide you all you require to move forward…

Will My Visions Come True? FCR364

will my visions come true

…tuning into the quantum field of possibility even the quantum field of probability. It’s like you’re tuning into a trajectory of what could be an outcome …

What Is Causing Me To Have Bad Teeth And Bad Posture? FCR358

what is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture

What Is Happening To Me Physically? T. asks the question: What is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Health and Vitality A listener asks “what is causing me to have bad teeth and bad posture?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you. Are You Afraid … Read More

How Can I Remove The Spell? FCR355

how can i remove the spell

…how can I regain control of my life? My ex. has placed some kind of spell that affects my afterlife upon me and I am constantly under a dark cloud and it affects those who protect me and their sight in the spiritual realm. Well oddly enough the …

How Do I Get Past The Regrets And Guilt? FCR353

how do I get past the regrets and guilt

I’ve got a question from H. and this is H.’s question; I could have saved my dog’s life and I have regret and some guilt and now I am unable to move on in life. How do I get past…