What Is The Purpose Of Mentoring, Mentoring Benefits

Why would you need a mentor in any aspect of your life? The first thing I would say is that often people, that includes you as well, can become stuck in some aspect of your life. You may experience some desperation or frustration …

Spiritual Awakening Experiences Through Music UYTI201

learn about spiritual awakening experiences through music

You have heard people use the term spiritual awakening experiences in relation to some form of conscious revelation regarding their core essence. But what is this process and how does it happen and most importantly…

How To Find God – UYT050

do you know how to find god

Is God real, a question that has been asked throughout the ages has been about the ultimate deity. Another right up there with it is the crusade of how to find God?  Where is God? More recently it has been, is God dead. We as a race, the human race, have gone to such extremes…

You Are The Light Of The World! UYT150

you are the light of the world

The world of science is ever expanding and in this expansion it has begun to intersect with the spiritual world. Spiritual tenants are being scientifically proven including that of how can we be the light of the world.

Finding Your Spiritual Path – UYT078

is finding your spiritual path important

What is my spiritual path? It is another word for Spiritual Journey. Is there only one Right Spiritual Path? If not how do you know if you are on the right path? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions or something
similar? I have, as well as…

Mind Body Spirit Connection And You – UYT077

are mind body spirit connection important

Is there a mind, body, spirit connection or are they are different and not interrelated? So, are you are your body or are you mind or maybe you are your Spirit? This is a question that…

Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually? – UYT063

do men and women differ spiritually

Do men and women differ spiritually? Is there gender equality in spiritual matters? Let’s look at one solid, undeniable truth, there are appreciable differences between man and woman…

Understanding The Duality Of Man – Let Your Light Shine Part 2

being aware of the duality of man

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience living on a planet, in this reality that is divided between light
and dark. It is a planet of dualities and opposites so as spirit beings we must learn to cope. Guess what? It’s that way on purpose. We have free will to choose between these opposites. An interesting fact…