How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World UYTI193

learn the art of how to be peaceful

The Akash contains a record of all creation. It has been called the “Mind of God.” It is the fabric of the multiverse and contains a recording of all experiences, universes, beings, time, space, physical and nonphysical reality, and pretty much everything else.

Entering or being able to access the Akashic Record is not …

How To Find God – UYT050

do you know how to find god

Is God real, a question that has been asked throughout the ages has been about the ultimate deity. Another right up there with it is the crusade of how to find God?  Where is God? More recently it has been, is God dead. We as a race, the human race, have gone to such extremes…

How Do You Access Your Spirituality? UYT133

we ask charles alan livingston how do you access your spirituality and where do you go

As a spiritual person how do you access your spirituality or in other words how to tap into your spiritual side? Where do you go to be able to achieve the state of inner reflection to work on your spiritual nature? Even though you can be more spiritual without religion some people may go to church.

I Am Spiritual Not Religious – UYT075

i am spiritual not religious

Have ever used or heard the phrase, I am spiritual not religious? This is a statement you may hear often in our world today especially in the Metaphysical arena. So what does it mean and what relevance does it have for you?

What Is My Spiritual Path – UYT078

what is the difference between religion and spirituality

When you first consider how to embark on a spiritual journey, that illusive road to enlightenment, it can actually seem daunting in a manner. If one makes a mistake what then? Are you doomed for all eternity? This all depends on…

Your Spiritual Nature Is Your Core! UYT065

discover the truth of your spiritual nature

The stand that most religions take is that as a spiritual person we cannot take on the nature of God but just represent it.

God is a separate entity! The concept is that God is everywhere and everything but not ‘us’. Adhering to the idea that you are god would be blasphemy and mean t…