What Is The Human Aura Part 2 – The Spiritual Perspective

what is the relationship with your human aura in respect to your spiritual nature

You are aware of your human aura but how do these vortexes of colored energy affect your spiritual growth and visa versa. As you go through a spiritual awakening it stimulates great developments within your physical and spiritual bodies. As this increase in your spiritual awareness…

Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel And The Third Chakra

out of body experience and astral travel

We occasionally have conscious awareness of some of our out of body experiences. We store these memories in our third chakra for spiritual reference. Much of this information is incomprehensible to the physical body and not relevant to bring into conscious awareness on the earth plane.

Our Planet Is Alive But Is It Well Balanced?

our planet is living entity

Do you realize that the Our Planet, Earth is a living being with a spiritual consciousness, just like you and I? Actually, almost all planets are living beings. Humans are like cells in the Earths larger body and we are meant to live in harmony with her.

Finding A Spiritual Guru For Direction Along Your Path

do you have a spiritual guru

The world is divided between light and dark. This is a planet of dualities and opposites. Even though you are a spiritual being having a physical experience you may still need help. What is needed is some direction to find…

Understanding The Duality Of Man – Let Your Light Shine Part 2

being aware of the duality of man

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience living on a planet, in this reality that is divided between light
and dark. It is a planet of dualities and opposites so as spirit beings we must learn to cope. Guess what? It’s that way on purpose. We have free will to choose between these opposites. An interesting fact…

Let Your Light Shine Part 1 – You Are Spiritually Unique

let your light shine for us all

When you let your light shine what you are actually doing is you, as a spiritual being which is the true nature of who you are in a physical body, is allowing your higher self to be exposed. The true let your light shine meaning is allowing exposure of your…

Moving Objects With Your Mind, Is Telekinesis Real?

bending spoons and moving objects with your mind

The word telekinesis literally means “distant-movement” and refers to the spiritual ability to move or change the state of an object using one’s mind and without using physical force on the object. It can include causing an object to move, shake, vibrate, spin, break and to create heat or cold in an object via the speeding up or slowing down of the atoms the object is made of.