How Do You See Auras? – UYT010

how do you see auras

How do you see auras and energy of any kind? One of the many types of psychic abilities is Clairvoyance or extrasensory perception, as it is more commonly known. One of its main use is that of seeing the various energy fields called auras that encompass everything in the Universe but mainly those around you.

What Is My Life Purpose? – UYT001

how do i find out what is my life purpose

How to truly discover yourself can be an amazingly challenging task, to find the real you and your spiritual reason for being. Many people wander the globe aimlessly in an attempt to find a sense of purpose. Living a purpose-driven life is …

Claircognizance Characteristics And Your Egoic Temptations

do display any claircognizance characteristics

One claircognizance trait is that of a serious need to share your information. Others may become awed at your ability. They may believe you have more power and knowledge than they do and you may exhibit controlling behavior patterns and even be tempted to play God…

How To Know If You Have Claircognizance – Psychic Knowingness Or Inner Knowing

do you have claircognizance

Claircognizance is the spiritual ability to receive information through the seventh chakra and is one of the 4 types of Clairs, the four basic psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience. It is sometimes called knowingness or inner knowing and is the capacity to be still and instantly know your spiritual information. A claircognizance trait is the aptitude to simply know…

What Do Meditation, Creativity, Art And Writing Have In Common?

how are meditation, creativity, and arts connected

What do meditation, creativity, and all the arts have to do with each other? Simple! Meditation helps your creativity flow and opens the flood gates to your imagination. Above enhancing creativity it is also possible to use powerful meditation techniques to consciously create your life. A Mindfulness practice really…

What Is The Human Aura Part 2 – The Spiritual Perspective

what is the relationship with your human aura in respect to your spiritual nature

You are aware of your human aura but how do these vortexes of colored energy affect your spiritual growth and visa versa. As you go through a spiritual awakening it stimulates great developments within your physical and spiritual bodies. As this increase in your spiritual awareness…

Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel And The Third Chakra

out of body experience and astral travel

We occasionally have conscious awareness of some of our out of body experiences. We store these memories in our third chakra for spiritual reference. Much of this information is incomprehensible to the physical body and not relevant to bring into conscious awareness on the earth plane.

Our Planet Is Alive But Is It Well Balanced?

our planet is living entity

Do you realize that the Our Planet, Earth is a living being with a spiritual consciousness, just like you and I? Actually, almost all planets are living beings. Humans are like cells in the Earths larger body and we are meant to live in harmony with her.

Finding A Spiritual Guru For Direction Along Your Path

do you have a spiritual guru

The world is divided between light and dark. This is a planet of dualities and opposites. Even though you are a spiritual being having a physical experience you may still need help. What is needed is some direction to find…

Understanding The Duality Of Man – Let Your Light Shine Part 2

being aware of the duality of man

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience living on a planet, in this reality that is divided between light
and dark. It is a planet of dualities and opposites so as spirit beings we must learn to cope. Guess what? It’s that way on purpose. We have free will to choose between these opposites. An interesting fact…