I Am Spiritual Not Religious – UYT075

i am spiritual not religious

Have ever used or heard the phrase, I am spiritual not religious? This is a statement you may hear often in our world today especially in the Metaphysical arena. So what does it mean and what relevance does it have for you?

Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now UYT070

living in the present is really powerful

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being too busy worrying about what happened in the past or what the future holds? I get it. Everyone has or has had some form of an issue with anxiety or stress in relation to their lives. Some people class this…

Your Spiritual Nature Is Your Core! UYT065

discover the truth of your spiritual nature

The stand that most religions take is that as a spiritual person we cannot take on the nature of God but just represent it.

God is a separate entity! The concept is that God is everywhere and everything but not ‘us’. Adhering to the idea that you are god would be blasphemy and mean t…

Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually? – UYT063

do men and women differ spiritually

Do men and women differ spiritually? Is there gender equality in spiritual matters? Let’s look at one solid, undeniable truth, there are appreciable differences between man and woman…

What Is The Purpose Of Life? – UYT053

what is the point of living

Finding the answer to ‘what is my life’s purpose’ or any sense of purpose at all can be and is a challenge not unlike trying to find your way in a huge maze.

How To Manifest Love Or Anything You Desire – UYT048

learn how to manifest anything you desire

Whether it is learning how to manifest money or how to manifest love or any other form of abundance you desire it can be done. You can be your own Genie and grant yourself as many wishes as you would like. We have all heard …

7 Chakras And Their Meanings, The Basics – UYT033

why the 7 chakras and their meanings are so important

The name Chakra comes from the Sanskrit and means a disk or wheel. A Chakra is an energy vortex that forms part of your energy field. The Chakras, these energy vortexes, run along your body in specific areas. Basically when chakras are…

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Lives – UYT028

how does climate change affect us all

How does climate change affect us? How is climate change affecting your life personally? How is climate change affecting all living things on our planet? Beyond just the obvious answers to these questions, there are many spiritual considerations as well.  For instance,…

Signs You Are Telepathic – UYT021

what are the top 10 signs you are telepathic

Occasionally people who demonstrate psychic behaviors are thought of as mad or even possessed. Completely untrue! Everyone has some variety of psychic behavior, but…