How To Live Life Happily Along The River Of Life UYT097

learn how to live life happily

Many of us look for some something special in life. Something that is unique to us that we can call our purpose, our Raison D’etre. So what is my purpose in life you may ask? Remember! Regardless of what you feel …

What Happened to Doreen Virtue?

what happened to doreen virtue

When a friend recently told me that Hay House maven Doreen Virtue had denounced her previous existence as the doyen of intuitive card decks, even her Angel Cards, and had reinvented herself as a bible bearing Christian I could have been blown over by an angel’s feather. So I set out to investigate. The internet was in an uproar. Christians were delighting that such a famous New Age celebrity had…

Why Is Body Awareness Important? UYT128

why is body awareness so important to you

We have a difficult life when our body fails us. It is the main reason we are here, we are spiritual being having a physical experience. In turn, the importance of body awareness is…

Learn How To Stop Being A Perfectionist UYT089

learn how to stop being a perfectionist

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed? Maybe you are trying to hard to be perfect in everything you do. Is it time to learn how to stop being a perfectionist? There are so many external and internal expectations placed upon your shoulders every day…

Learn How To Live In The Present With Meditation – UYT087

learn how to live in the present

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to learn how to live in the present and completely let go of any painful or unnecessary emotions and thoughts? To allow life to come as it may. To be able to release effort, stress, and anxiety. If you really want to feel…

Effects Of Alcohol At A Spiritual Level – UYT121

effects of alcohol on your spiritual nature

I have found that when you are on a spiritual path, everyone is on one in some way or another, that the less interference you place in the way of your journey the more you can receive and give. So does alcohol affect you and your spiritual nature from connecting?

How To Control Negative Emotions – UYT086

learn how to control your emotions

Regardless of life circumstances you may find yourself facing it may be more beneficial for you to be in control and have calm emotions, rather than allowing your emotional body to control you. Learn how to control negative emotions. It can help you in many facets of your life. One of the various reasons you may have emotional issues…

 Druid Mythology And Practices Demystified – UYT120

druid mythology and practices

Along with a cloak of mystery veiling their past origins Druidism links back to the Celtic and Gaulish cultures that come from Europe. One of the earliest references that can be found dates back to the 2nd century BC. There are writings by Julius Caesar…