How Can I Heal My Relationship With My Child? FCR171

how can i heal my relationship with my child

What is spiritual communication and why would you want to learn how to connect spiritually with someone? The ability to communicate with others on a spiritual level can be very useful. In this free card response I recommend this to an individual who cannot connect with their child in the normal manner. You could even call this spiritual bonding

Techniques And Stages Of Meditation UYT159

is knowing the stages of meditation important

Many teachers will tell you that there are 10 stages of meditation. When you first begin to meditate and look at these different stages and levels can become daunting. My studies and have shown me that meditation should be made as simple…

Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation – UYT157

are there spiritual benefits of meditation

So far we have studied the emotional, physical and mental meditation benefits so we understand that a regular practice of meditation is beneficial to the body and psyche. When you choose to follow a new spiritual path it is quite often that one would find some challenges along the way. These challenges can be a hindrance to your growth. So what does meditation do to help? It focuses your resolve for one. More important however it allows you to create or discover that connection with source.

Why Develop Your Spiritual Nature? – UYT144

man is a spirit with a soul and body

As spiritual beings who have taken on a physical form we lose some of the awareness that comes along with being spirit. One of things that changes is that we forget, not lose, the abilities of our spiritual nature which are psychic or intuitive in nature. The question arise, are you psychic or intuitive?

You Are The Light Of The World! UYT150

you are the light of the world

The world of science is ever expanding and in this expansion it has begun to intersect with the spiritual world. Spiritual tenants are being scientifically proven including that of how can we be the light of the world.

Create Deeper Spiritual Connections To Your Life

learn about overcoming anxiety without medication

Why would you want to create deeper spiritual connections to your life? Have you ever felt disconnected from the world or even yourself or maybe anxiety or depression? Sometimes these anxiety symptoms show up as being purposeless or stuck in any aspect of your life. You may be very successful but many successful people like yourself would really like a deeper spiritual connection to their life.  T

How Do I Interpret My Dreams?-UYT099

how do i interpret my dreams

So when you are wondering about, “what do dreams mean when you dream about someone” or ” what does it mean when I remember I died in my dream” there are ways to determine these …

How Do You Access Your Spirituality? UYT133

we ask charles alan livingston how do you access your spirituality and where do you go

As a spiritual person how do you access your spirituality or in other words how to tap into your spiritual side? Where do you go to be able to achieve the state of inner reflection to work on your spiritual nature? Even though you can be more spiritual without religion some people may go to church.

What Is The Ego, Related To Spirituality? – UYT098

what is the ego in relation to your spirituality

What does having a big ego mean? Donald Trump’s is an example on steroids. Let’s talk about his superego and how it can actually be a spiritual teacher for you. I can almost hear you all now, “How can Donald Trump’s expansive ego, or any women or men with ego issues, possibly be considered to be spiritual teachers?”

Acknowledging Parallel Realities And False Impressions UYT132

how to recognize parallel realities

I was recently inspired by a video on Teal Swan’s YouTube channel called “The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality.” In this video she explained how we teach our children to mistrust their perceived reality, basically physiological illusions, by ignoring their feelings and presenting a false reality that we prefer they operate from. In one sense you are presented situations of how your eyes trick your mind.