How To Read The Akashic Records UYT188

can i learn how to read the akashic records

The Akash contains a record of all creation. It has been called the “Mind of God.” It is the fabric of the multiverse and contains a recording of all experiences, universes, beings, time, space, physical and nonphysical reality, and pretty much everything else.

Entering or being able to access the Akashic Record is not …

How To Find God – UYT050

do you know how to find god

Is God real, a question that has been asked throughout the ages has been about the ultimate deity. Another right up there with it is the crusade of how to find God?  Where is God? More recently it has been, is God dead. We as a race, the human race, have gone to such extremes…

Help With Spiritual Awakening! UYTI177

experience the journey of spiritual awakening

We all have Spirit as out true core of being, our essence. We are all eternal beings having this wonderful experience called life. This journey of spiritual awakening is not something that is outside of yourself …

Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation – UYT157

Can a regular meditation practice help

So far we have studied the emotional, physical and mental meditation benefits so we understand that a regular practice of meditation is beneficial to the body and psyche. When you choose to follow a new spiritual path it is quite often that one would find some challenges along the way. These challenges can be a hindrance to your growth. So what does meditation do to help? It focuses your resolve for one. More important however it allows you to create or discover that connection with source.

What Is The Ego, Related To Spirituality? – UYT098

what is the ego in relation to your spirituality

What does having a big ego mean? Donald Trump’s is an example on steroids. Let’s talk about his superego and how it can actually be a spiritual teacher for you. I can almost hear you all now, “How can Donald Trump’s expansive ego, or any women or men with ego issues, possibly be considered to be spiritual teachers?”

How Do I Find Peace And Harmony, The Mystic’s Path – UYT119

Would you like the answer to the question how do I find peace and harmony? You would like to understand how to get inner peace and harmony so that you can feel joy and happiness throughout your existence? The trick is that it is not about how to find peace; it is about creating peace in your life. In order to achieve inner peace you must first

I Am Spiritual Not Religious – UYT075

i am spiritual not religious

Have ever used or heard the phrase, I am spiritual not religious? This is a statement you may hear often in our world today especially in the Metaphysical arena. So what does it mean and what relevance does it have for you?

What Is Kundalini Spirit – UYT079

kundalini serpent goddess snakes around the base of the spine

Because of the nature of this physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening, or also know the Kundalini rising or soul awakening, most people have the impression that it is the basis of sexuality and they go hand in hand. They do have many similar physical signs. So in some cases they are very similar.