Passionate Feelings, Heart Centered Feelings And The 4th Chakra UYT256

do you experience true passionate feelings

Just like all emotions, you may experience, passion is energy. This emotion has a specific frequency. When you feel the same vibration from another person or thing you resonate with that person or thing. This causes your heart chakra to have the sensation of being open and joy will occur. The opposite is true as well.

How To Find The One True Love? UYT200

what is the secret to finding love

One question and goal almost all of the humankind shares is how to find true love and happiness, basically how to find the one. Of all the relationship questions I receive this is most definitely the number one inquiry. Yet this has been…

Love And Money In Your Relationships UYT199

love and money go together in relationships

Can love and money influence a romantic relationship? Have you ever caught yourself thinking about the spending or saving habits of your spouse, generally in the negative? Maybe even worse than that arguing with them over the dirty subject of money. Well, get in line. Put any two people …

What Are My Blocks To Romance And Sex? FCRG373

what are my blocks to romance and sex

…why do why do I have blocks to romance and sex. We all have romantic pictures of love, beautiful romantic images like the cute couples on YouTube. The desire and idea of romance are powerful.

Why Do I Have Sexual And Romantic Blocks? FCR360

why do i have sexual and romantic blocks

…information about these matters is currently outside of the body, not integrated into the body. It’s like you come to those situations operating from somebody else’s information. It doesn’t feel right …

Why Can’t I Find Love? FCR359

why can’t i find love

…how we look at the world and how we look at other people and whether we’re able to see them from a neutral accepting perspective or a judgmental critical perspective. Judgemental people can cause pain. I think what…

Do I Need To Apologize In A Conflicted Relationship? FCR347

do i need to apologize in a conflicted relationship

There are so many different types of emotional conflict that occur on a daily basis with individuals. Regardless of whether these conflicted emotions occur at home, at work or even on the road driving they can be more than just annoying. Probably the most uncomfortable and divisive ones can be

Am I In The Right Relationship For My Growth? FCR312

am i in the right relationship for my growth

Emotions are a very interesting thing because there is no tangibility there that one can see or touch. However, they are very powerful They create your world. You create your own reality with the power of your emotions. The formula goes like this…