Should I Break Up Or Tough It Out? UYTI191

should I break up

If you want a healthy long term loving relationship intimacy is critical. Many times it makes people ponder the question ‘should I break up ‘. Yet many people are unsure of what intimacy truly is. Regardless of what types of relationship you may find yourself in there is always some form of intimacy…

What Are My Blocks To Romance And Sex? FCRG373

what are my blocks to romance and sex

…why do why do I have blocks to romance and sex. We all have romantic pictures of love, beautiful romantic images like the cute couples on YouTube. The desire and idea of romance are powerful.

Why Do I Have Sexual And Romantic Blocks? FCR360

why do i have sexual and romantic blocks

…information about these matters is currently outside of the body, not integrated into the body. It’s like you come to those situations operating from somebody else’s information. It doesn’t feel right …

Why Can’t I Find Love? FCR359

why can’t i find love

…how we look at the world and how we look at other people and whether we’re able to see them from a neutral accepting perspective or a judgmental critical perspective. Judgemental people can cause pain. I think what…

Do I Need To Apologize In A Conflicted Relationship? FCR347

do i need to apologize in a conflicted relationship

There are so many different types of emotional conflict that occur on a daily basis with individuals. Regardless of whether these conflicted emotions occur at home, at work or even on the road driving they can be more than just annoying. Probably the most uncomfortable and divisive ones can be

Am I In The Right Relationship For My Growth? FCR312

am i in the right relationship for my growth

Emotions are a very interesting thing because there is no tangibility there that one can see or touch. However, they are very powerful They create your world. You create your own reality with the power of your emotions. The formula goes like this…

Is My Marriage Over? FCR306

is my marriage over

How many people get married wondering will my marriage last?  How many people get married with the idea that it will only be temporary? Not too many I would say. Yet at the first signs of wavy waters, many of you may look for signs your marriage is failing. Instead of thinking…

How Do I Reconnect With My Daughter? FCR289

how do i reconnect with my daughter

Whether you’re a man or women the happiest day of your life is most probably when you brought your child into the world. There is no more loving feeling when you hold your newborn son or daughter in your arms for the first time. Then life happens. If your child is like…