How To Read The Akashic Records UYT188

The Akash contains a record of all creation. It has been called the “Mind of God.” It is the fabric of the multiverse and contains a recording of all experiences, universes, beings, time, space, physical and nonphysical reality, and pretty much everything else.

Entering or being able to access the Akashic Record is not …

What Psychic Ability Should I Focus On? FCRG368

what psychic ability should i focus on

There are quite a number of types of psychics yet the two essential things that I would say for anyone developing psychic abilities or engaged in healing and doing readings and practicing their psychic abilities and their healing abilities is…

Can You Tell Me About my Past Lives? FCRG299

can you tell me about my past lives

One can never tell what a past life regression will bring forward except for the fact that it will be interesting and most probably very pertinent to the individual’s life today.  So whether you want to know “who was I in my past life” or if there is karma hanging around the best way to do so is have a past life reading …

Will My Past Life Lover And I Continue In This Life? FCR251

will my past life lover and i continue in this life

Of all the past life stories I have heard during past life readings, my favorites are about past life lovers reunited. These can be so heartwarming. A past life reading is not just about figuring out how to clear negative karma. It can be about learning. Re-evaluating your present life with…

How To Read Auras! UYT166

The capability of reading energy and auras is considered a psychic or intuitive gift. Individuals with the ability to detect auras say that they appear to be bands of light which wrap around what is being scanned but mostly people. Each particular band can be seen as different colors.

Was My Dog With Me In A Past Life? FCR214

was my dog with me in a past life

People come to me to have past life readings to see who they were in a past life. Knowing the character you played is simply entertainment to some, however, there is much to be gleaned from knowing who and what you were. It can point to reason that you do and feel certain things in your current journey that seems out of place, foreign or even inexplicable.

Was My Late Father Reincarnated Into This World? FCR213

was my late father reincarnated into this world

One of the areas that I receive many inquiries about is reincarnation and past lives. Recently in a free card reading, I was asked about a father has been reincarnated. People like to know does reincarnation stay within the same family as am I my grandmother reincarnated or is my dad reincarnated as my son. Every case can be very different but

What Are Accurate Psychic Readings? UYT163

how to find a real psychic

So what are accurate psychic readings? How do to choose a psychic? What are the signs to look for in a good and honest psychic? These are all good questions and they are asked quite often by people just like you. So what is the answer? Read on!