All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction UYT208

does all disease begins in the gut

There was a time that science and medical practitioner believed all disease begins in the gut. This concept started over 2000 years ago when it was suggested by Hippocrates, who like you most probably know, was considered the father of contemporary medicine. This concept held true for quite a period of time. So was he correct in his prognosis?

How To Develop Psychic Abilities – UYT011

psychic abilities and how to develop them

Trusting your intuition is not easy to at first. You must slowly begin trusting your intuition in small things before making life decisions on these gut feelings. Some people who are intuitive have begun awakening and developing intuitive abilities do so without…

What Psychic Ability Should I Focus On? FCRG368

what psychic ability should i focus on

There are quite a number of types of psychics yet the two essential things that I would say for anyone developing psychic abilities or engaged in healing and doing readings and practicing their psychic abilities and their healing abilities is…

How Do I Release A Spirit Attachment? FCR351

how do i release a spirit attachment

One of the more difficult requests I have to deal with is the spirit attachment removal, psychic attachment release, and psychic attack situations. By the way, some people may call these curses. In order to get rid of a negative entity attachment, there are some very important factors…

Who Is Psychically Attacking Me? FCR325

who is psychically attacking me

We are all energy as well you know. Energy is not confined to a given place. Our energy travels outside of your bodies. We can actually travel with it as in astral travel experiences. We can even visit other people in their dreams by focusing our psychic energy on…

Am I Psychic?

psychic powers list and your chakras

It is time to answer the question “do I possess psychic powers” that you may be asking yourself or others. Here is the interesting thing you…

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually! UYT168

learn the best ways how to ground yourself spiritually

Do you know how to ground yourself energetically? If you do are you grounded now? What is spiritual grounding? If you do not know how to do so we will discuss this? If you do know what grounding is do you know how to recognize the signs of not being spiritually grounded? Let’s talk about this a little because feeling ungrounded causes many issues and it is a very important subject.

How Do I Get Rid Of Outside Influences? FCR088

how do i get rid of outside influences

So I’ve got two cards that are to do with the body in response to your question, astral body and the physical body. So we will look at that in response to your question how do I get rid of outside influences, how do I permanently remove outside influences. And I’m getting that what you’re doing is you’re bringing them into your body and your life as a consequence of some of the things that you’re doing in your out-of-body experience.