Empathy Is More Than Just An Emotion UYT008

why is empathy important

Now there are different levels of this wonderful gift.  We are going to look at some of the differences between a normally empathic person and someone who has a deeper psychic awareness. Someone who is a true…

Are You Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance?

feeling someone's energy from a distance

If you are feeling someone’s energy from a distance you are displaying symptoms of the psychic ability of Clairsentience or clear feeling. Because of its characteristics, it can also be called the emotional receiver. This psychic ability is a spiritual gift and it is…

What Is A Medium And Mediumship?

what is a medium in regards to psychic readings

Generally when people are looking for ways of how to call upon a deceased loved one they will turn to a medium. Some mediums use what can be considered a…

Moving Objects With Your Mind, Is Telekinesis Real?

bending spoons and moving objects with your mind

The word telekinesis literally means “distant-movement” and refers to the spiritual ability to move or change the state of an object using one’s mind and without using physical force on the object. It can include causing an object to move, shake, vibrate, spin, break and to create heat or cold in an object via the speeding up or slowing down of the atoms the object is made of.

What is Abstract Intuition?

what is abstract intuition

What is abstract intuition? Have you ever found yourself getting the answers without working it out? Just knowing the answer to a math question without needing to follow all the steps of a formula in order to work it out? Maybe you have gotten to the grocery checkout line and you knew the total of your order before the cashier totaled it up on her register? If so you may well have been using a spiritual ability called Abstract Intuition a form or variation of claircognizance, or clear knowing abilities.

I Hear Voices In My Head, I Need Help!

i hear voices in my head

Are you hearing someone call your name when no-one actually did or even talk to yourself  on a regular basis? You may ask yourself, “Am I going mad because I hear voices in my head?” You could drive yourself to insanity if you don’t understand. You can take medication for hearing voices but you may not have to.

Why Do I Hear Voices In My Head?

am i crazy why do i hear voices in my head

Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy! Why do I hear voices in my head? Maybe you are hearing someone call your name when no-one actually did or hearing voices while sleeping. Well think again. Hearing voices in your head does not necessarily mean you are going crazy. It may mean that you are sensitive to spirit and are tuning in to spiritual messages using the psychic ability of Clairaudience, a special spiritual gift.