What Are My Spiritual Gifts? FCR338

what are my spiritual gifts

People use the term spiritual gifts in different ways with different meanings. I use this term as another descriptor for psychic abilities. They are not really different from people quoting religious gifts, for example…

Am I A Psychic Empath? FCR336

am i a psychic empath

What Is An Empath? R. asks the question: Am I a psychic empath? Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Psychic Development First of all, let’s get the main question out of the way. Are empaths real? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, you are one as well. Maybe not to the extreme that others may be but you … Read More

Do I Have Psychic Powers? FCR333

do i have i psychic powers or intuitive abilities

Along with am I Psychic the next most common question is about how to develop psychic abilities. There are different ways awakening your psychic powers. One of the best ways is to …

Do I Have Physic Abilities? FCR330

do i have physic abilities

The issue is more about awakening your psychic powers and learning how to tap into psychic abilities. You can learn how to unlock your inner psychic powers quite easily.

How Can I Find Out Whether I Am Empathetic Or An Empath? FCR310

how can i find out whether i am empathetic or an empath

In this world we live in emotions run high occasionally. Sometimes fear creeps into our being for almost no reason at all. Or sometimes you can just feel good or ill at ease for no apparent reason. Emotion has and is energy. Energy travels. Emotional energy travels as well. People who can feel…

Will I Learn To Communicate With Spirits? FCR308

will i learn to communicate with spirits

One of the first signs of clairaudience is hearing sounds or voices that just are not coming from anything around you. These sounds come from nowhere but somewhere at the same time. Basically what is happening is you hearing voices in your head spiritual that is. Psychic abilities are…