Clairvoyant Energy Allows You To See Spiritual Phenomena Clearly UYT264

how to access your clairvoyant energy

One of the psychic abilities provided through the sixth chakra, the brow chakra, the third eye chakra is clairvoyant energy.  Clairvoyance, again taken from the French, meaning “clear vision”. This is the ability, special sight, to perceive objects, people, locations, or a specific physical event without the use of your physical eyes.

Learn How To Tap Into Your Telepathy Superpower UYT262

learn how to use telepathy your telepathy superpower

Just like any of the psychic abilities you have at your beck and call telepathy can prove to be helpful to you. It is a marvel. As users, it is like you are being provided vision into someone’s mind into their memory. It is an amazing experience.

What Is My Aura And What Does It Mean If I Can See It? UYT250

what is my aura

One of the things that people look for when they first begin to delve into this wonderful topic is interpreting aura colors. Many assumptions are made around this topic and the most prevalent is that auras have fixed colors. And that these individual colors are set in stone.

How Can Psychic Parents Help And Support Their Psychic Children? UYT249

how you canhelp your psychic children

I wrote a book called The Midas Tree to help our children, our special little spirits, to recognize they are Spirit and stay connected with the Source. These wonderful beings can learn to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate each spiritual gift they have, learn how to develop psychic abilities, and ultimately stay on their path and fulfill their life purpose.