Will I Get Successful And Feel Successful? FCR285

will i get successful and feel successful

Do you know that regardless of what you want in life manipulating physical reality is totally possible? Not only is it possible but it happens all the time and it happens to you. Let me briefly explain…

How To Read Auras! UYT166

how to read auras

The capability of reading energy and auras is considered a psychic or intuitive gift. Individuals with the ability to detect auras say that they appear to be bands of light which wrap around what is being scanned but mostly people. Each particular band can be seen as different colors.

Where And When Will I Move? FCRG220

where and when will i move

I receive many how, when, why, where questions from many people. This is what I do. What I actually attempt to do is to help people understand why their life is the way it is and how they can realize what they truly want wherever and whenever they want that change to occur.

Will I Get A Second Chance At Internship? FCR158

will i get a second chance at internship

You must always remember your mind is a powerful thing. So working on this belief I will ask you, do negative thoughts become reality too? The answer is a firm yes. You can bring positive things in to your life as well as negative things. You are manipulating physical reality and manipulating is manipulating. So watch your thoughts! Since thoughts become things choose the good ones or you may become a crap magnet. It is all about quantum physics and manifesting…

What Do I Do About The Slander By C? FCR149

When someone attacks you, whether physically or emotionally, it can make you feel so powerless and small. The effects of feeling powerless in life can be devastating if you let them. There are so many examples of powerlessness in society I am sure that I do not need to go into them.  So what happens when you feel powerless?

Free Card Reading To Answer Your Questions!

get your free card reading video from dr. Lesley

…Dr. Lesley is giving away a 30-minute Live reading weekly to one lucky individual. It is not just like those automated card response programs found online that throw a card back at you with a predetermined scripted message. It is a live reading with her personally.

Ways To See Your Aura! – UYT145

ways to see your aura

You can review a person’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, mentally stability and review their spiritual growth by looking at their energy. You can even learn about their preferences and, beliefs and see into their memories, hopes and dreams by reading their energy field. Like the adage goes knowledge is power.

How Do I Interpret My Dreams?-UYT099

how do i interpret my dreams

So when you are wondering about, “what do dreams mean when you dream about someone” or ” what does it mean when I remember I died in my dream” there are ways to determine these …

How Do You Access Your Spirituality? UYT133

we ask charles alan livingston how do you access your spirituality and where do you go

As a spiritual person how do you access your spirituality or in other words how to tap into your spiritual side? Where do you go to be able to achieve the state of inner reflection to work on your spiritual nature? Even though you can be more spiritual without religion some people may go to church.

What Is The Ego, Related To Spirituality? – UYT098

what is the ego in relation to your spirituality

What does having a big ego mean? Donald Trump’s is an example on steroids. Let’s talk about his superego and how it can actually be a spiritual teacher for you. I can almost hear you all now, “How can Donald Trump’s expansive ego, or any women or men with ego issues, possibly be considered to be spiritual teachers?”