Will My Elbows Heal On Their Own? FCR287

will my elbows heal on their own

So many people I speak with can’t seem to understand how to stop worrying especially about things that are in the past or haven’t happened yet, in the future.  We have absolutely no control of the past. It is what it is.  Forget the past and live the present. As for worrying about what…

What Does The Future Hold? FCRG269

what does the future hold

Who knows what the future holds for us? Do you? Do you have a bright future? Do you have hope for the future? Will looking towards the future change how you live your life today? Do you think being…

My Ex Left Me What Should I Do? FCR190

my ex left me what should i do

It seems that many people have lost the ability or the desire to live in the present moment. This causes anxiety and fear. When you practice letting go of the past and stop living in the future things will change for you. Relationships get better, especially the one with yourself.

What Does The Future Hold For Us Romantically? FCR151

what does the future hold for us romantically

You can watch the video and hear what I have to say to this individual who asks for a free card reading about her relationship with a specific individual. In general I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future and that is you. Holding back emotionally in a relationship because you are not sure of what is to come may be unwise. Allow yourself the…

Are You Being Authentic Or Acting Upon Life’s Stage? – UYT146

learn about real emotion with clyde riddlesbrood

In life there are times that you face real challenges. Are you being authentic during these times? It doesn’t matter who you are but how you react. Are you being genuine and sincere? One of the keys to leading authentic lives and being real is to live in the present.

Is Time An illusion, Does It Exist?- UYT106

is time an illusion

Is the concept of time an illusion or is the illusion of time being an illusion the illusion? The idea that time is an illusion is not new to our generation. Various scholars and philosophers all the way back…

How To Live Life Happily Along The River Of Life UYT097

learn how to live life happily

Many of us look for some something special in life. Something that is unique to us that we can call our purpose, our Raison D’etre. So what is my purpose in life you may ask? Remember! Regardless of what you feel …

Suppressing Emotions Can Be Painful And Unnecessary – UYT088

suppressing emotions can be harmful to your life

So what do you do when you are caught in a loop of negative emotions. Occasionally you may feel that everything bad is happening to you at once. Running from the negative emotions this causes, or burying them is not the solution. There are ways to cope. Here are five simple…

Learn How To Live In The Present With Meditation – UYT087

learn how to live in the present

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to learn how to live in the present and completely let go of any painful or unnecessary emotions and thoughts? To allow life to come as it may. To be able to release effort, stress, and anxiety. If you really want to feel…

What Is Monkey Mind? UYT071

what is monkey mind

What is Monkey Mind and are you being driven crazy by its effects? Let’s take a look! So your mind will not stop spinning, whirring around. You are stuck in a mental laboratory maze and you …