Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques That Can Help – UYT184

how can cognitive behavioral therapy techniques help

There are many different cognitive behavioral therapy techniques available to individuals who are having issues and are looking for mental stability or wellbeing like helping with negative emotions. Regardless of which way you spell it mental wellbeing or well-being, the needs are still the same when you are having emotional pain. Happily, more of these…

How Can I Cope With Debt? FCRG372

how can i cope with debt

There are a couple of things that I see that are often happening.  One of them has to do with resistance. When something occurs in …

What Is My Soul Journey? FCRG370

what is my soul journey

Your soul just like you is an aspect of God an aspect of Source Energy, a fragment of the great all that is, that has pinched itself off in order to …

Emotional Pain And How To Stop It! UYT176

learn how to deal with emotional pain

The feeling of helplessness that is associated with not being able to stop emotional pain is often accompanied by anger and fear is one of our human experiences. These may not be enjoyable however they can be overcome.

Will My Mother Get Her House Back? FCR295

will my mother get her house back

“How do I get past this pain?” As a human being, this is a question that I am certain you have asked yourself at some point in your life. It can be difficult almost impossible to source how to let go of the past and move forward within yourself. But you must understand that…

Will My Elbows Heal On Their Own? FCR287

will my elbows heal on their own

So many people I speak with can’t seem to understand how to stop worrying especially about things that are in the past or haven’t happened yet, in the future.  We have absolutely no control of the past. It is what it is.  Forget the past and live the present. As for worrying about what…