How Can I Cope With Debt? FCRG372

how can i cope with debt

There are a couple of things that I see that are often happening.  One of them has to do with resistance. When something occurs in …

What Is My Soul Journey? FCRG370

what is my soul journey

Your soul just like you is an aspect of God an aspect of Source Energy, a fragment of the great all that is, that has pinched itself off in order to …

Meditation Benefits Part 4, Live In The Present – UYT087

meditation benefits part 4

The main difference in operating as a spiritual body or a physical body is the use of effort. Acquiring this effortless state can be difficult however. It’s not a surprise many people struggle with this because we applaud effort (grit, determination, hard work, will power, discipline and struggling against the odds).

Living In The Present – UYT070

Being Fully Present In The Moment Unlocking Your Truth Episode UYT070

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being busy? I get it. Everyone is busy with their own lives. We all lead busy hectic lives in our world today. Being busy seems to be the new norm but are we all caught in the busy trap? Being busy doesn’t mean being productive.