Can Lack Of Affection Ruin A Relationship – UYT020

are you having relationship problems

Can lack of affection ruin a relationship? First, let’s examine what creates a good relationship in theory. So what is love? Out of all the emotions Love ranks high as a one of the most sought after, intense and misunderstood…

Learn How To Build Self Confidence! UYT017

how to build self confidence

Learning how to build self-confidence is a skill everyone should acquire. If not for yourself to help those in your life that need a boost of self-esteem. If you have a sense of personal self-assurance do you know anyone…

How Does Meditation Help Your Body?

how does meditation help your body to stay healthy

How does meditation help you listen to your body’s messages and why is it important? When our body, mind and spirit are in balance, we experience good health. However, we sometimes get caught up in a crisis that causes us to focus in one area more than others and we get out of balance. One of the physical benefits of meditation is that it can really help in getting you refocused.