Stop Suffering, Heal What Ails You- UYT118

learn how to cope with suffering

To many people, life is suffering. What I would like to say to these people is stop suffering, start living! There is more to life than just learning how to cope with suffering. Sounds like a plan but how? …

What Is Goal Setting And Why Is It So Important?- UYT115

what is goal setting

What is goal setting and just how critical it is to your spiritual health as well as your physical life? Life goals are important for turning the invisible into the visible? Let me ask you what are you doing with your life today?

Forgive And Forget, An Adage To Live By – UYT081

Forgiveness is very much like a flower bulb. It doe not look all that nice at the start. However, when you plant in the soil of your soul it grows to be a beautiful flower with many petals of happiness. The opposite can be true as well. If you do not forgive it can …

Emotional Dependency Or Own Your Space – UYT080

emotional dependency should be all loving

Basically, if you don’t govern your spiritual and physical emotional body and energies, owning your own space as it were, I guarantee someone else will. There can be a loss of personal space in the workplace, at home or anywhere else. This is found to happen…

Past Lives And Their Relevance To You Today UYT109

you and your past lives

Many of us have been important historical figures some not so much. Whether in a previous existence you have been a prince, a pauper or a king or all of the above it doesn’t matter. They are all pertinent. Status has no bearing …

What Heals Emotional Pain? – UYT059

what heals emotional pain

Many people are searching for what heals emotional pain. Emotional pain can be one of the saddest afflictions that people can suffer with and can be too much pain to bear.

What Is The Purpose Of Life? – UYT053

what is the point of living

Finding the answer to ‘what is my life’s purpose’ or any sense of purpose at all can be and is a challenge not unlike trying to find your way in a huge maze.

How Chakras Relate To Your Sense Of Purpose And More – UYT049

are your chakras in line with your sense of purpose

What is the purpose of chakras? There are times in our lives when we feel really weary due to a lack of energy, or just feel stressed out. Because most of us are in the working world we end up dedicating much of our days and energy to our careers. What is the use of putting out all this effort if we cannot enjoy the rewards?

How Do Chakras Affect Relationships? UYT045

There are different ways to draw love into your life. There are also different ways to preserve, enhance, and reinforce existing friendships and relationships. One way is to activate, keep balanced and maintain healthy chakras especially those related to relationships and love.

How Does Culture Influence Behavior – UYT041

how does culture influence behavior

Have you ever thought about how cultural influences on behavior have affected you? The relationship between culture and personality are easily linked. Your belief systems about almost everything have been established by your friends, family, and piers as well as ancestors.