What Is Kundalini Spirit – UYT079

kundalini serpent goddess snakes around the base of the spine

Because of the nature of this physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening, or also know the Kundalini rising or soul awakening, most people have the impression that it is the basis of sexuality and they go hand in hand. They do have many similar physical signs. So in some cases they are very similar.

What Are Ley Lines? – UYT019

What do Dragons, Kundalini and Ley Lines have in common? One thing is that they are all considered legends or myths in some way. In this episode, we explore these ancient legends and creation myths. Also, the relationship between dragons and the kundalini energy of the earth…

Sexuality And The Second Chakra

sexuality and the second chakra, the spiritual love connection

Sexuality and the second chakra is all about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. the sacral chakra is located inn in near the lumbar area of the body. The body’s energy in regards to sexuality is very powerful. On a physical level it is used to help create new bodies and ensures survival of the species. This can be considered sacred sexuality and the art of divine relationship.