How To Meditate For All Levels UYT183

learn how to meditate for beginners

Learning how to meditate can be a real chore for some. Understandably when you start a new practice of any kind it can be a challenge. My intention today is to provide you all you require to move forward…

What Can You See As A Good Career For Me? FCR279

what can you see as a good career for me

Having problems focusing on life’s challenges? Do you feel unprepared? Having issues facing the day? Have you lost faith or belief in things, people and even yourself? In most of these situations, it is because…

What Must I Do To Protect Myself & Another Other Person? FCR260

what must i do to protect myself

Why is protecting your space so important, energy protection that is? We, all of us, are under constant energetic bombardment. If you drive a car I am certain you understand what this feels like. The energy of other drivers or even your own angst is very evident. There are also energy vampires. These are people that…

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually! UYT168

learn the best ways how to ground yourself spiritually

Do you know how to ground yourself energetically? If you do are you grounded now? What is spiritual grounding? If you do not know how to do so we will discuss this? If you do know what grounding is do you know how to recognize the signs of not being spiritually grounded? Let’s talk about this a little because feeling ungrounded causes many issues and it is a very important subject.

What Is Important For Me Now In My Life? FCR186

what is important for me now in my life

What are the 3 most important things in your life today? Life is precious so I would think that we all should make sure that we prioritize and don’t waste time and energy on frivolous things. So how do you determine want is important?