How To Achieve Higher Consciousness – UYT204

learn how to achieve higher consciousness

Do you know how to achieve higher consciousness? Do you even understand what consciousness is at its base? Many humans are sleepwalking. Not present within their body. Or they totally …

How To Find God – UYT050

do you know how to find god

Is God real, a question that has been asked throughout the ages has been about the ultimate deity. Another right up there with it is the crusade of how to find God?  Where is God? More recently it has been, is God dead. We as a race, the human race, have gone to such extremes…

Can You Help Me To Understand What God Wants From Me Now? FCR344

can you help me to understand what god wants from me now

Whether you feel it comes from God, the universe or is preplanned by you before you came to this journey one thing is common to all and that is finding meaning in your life. Understanding your purpose in life can be a big challenge and living without it is like…

How To Serve Towards Healing And Transformation? FCR208

how to serve towards healing and transformation

Have you ever thought “my life is a constant struggle“? Well, you are not alone. Struggling through life seems to be a favourite pastime of so many people. There are so many different types of struggles, everything from health through to love. I am sure that even you have experienced many of these during your present life journey. There is a little secret I would like to share with you.

Why Am I Not Receiving The Messages I Pray For? FCR121

why am i not receiving the messages i pray for

Regardless of what you are desiring and praying for you must first match that frequency of what you are asking for.

Let us look at praying for money. Money is actually energy. You must match this energy within yourself so the two frequencies work in conjunction with each other otherwise they will repel each other and money energy will not flow to you but away from you.

How Can I Still My Mind To Hear Gods Voice? FCR091

how can I still my mind to hear gods voice

Such a common problem that people have is this crazy mind chatter. The Buddhist said that the human mind is like a barrel of drunken monkeys. I’m sure everyone watching this will recognize how we’re just so not in charge of our thoughts. We’re constantly thinking about the past, about the future, about the to-do list. Judging and criticizing ourselves and all of that so let’s take a look at your mind chatter.

You Are The Light Of The World! UYT150

you are the light of the world

The world of science is ever expanding and in this expansion it has begun to intersect with the spiritual world. Spiritual tenants are being scientifically proven including that of how can we be the light of the world.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Media On Society? UYT134

are the effects of media on society bad

A good majority of people asked, over 50%, have stated that they feel that news is so negative that it causes anxiety and stress even to the point of losing sleep. Notwithstanding these figures still, 10% check in every hour to find out what is happening in the world of news. And people, 20%, also tune in to…

What Happened to Doreen Virtue?

what happened to doreen virtue

When a friend recently told me that Hay House maven Doreen Virtue had denounced her previous existence as the doyen of intuitive card decks, even her Angel Cards, and had reinvented herself as a bible bearing Christian I could have been blown over by an angel’s feather. So I set out to investigate. The internet was in an uproar. Christians were delighting that such a famous New Age celebrity had…