What Is Holding Me Back From Releasing This Weight? FCR201

what is holding me back from releasing this weight

Let me ask you a question, is it wrong to have expectations? Whether it is having expectations of others or just your own expectations in life is the need of living up to expectations right. Goals in life are great to have and I would say even necessary in a way. However are these goals set by you or by what you think the world expects of you.

What Is Important For Me Now In My Life? FCR186

what is important for me now in my life

What are the 3 most important things in your life today? Life is precious so I would think that we all should make sure that we prioritize and don’t waste time and energy on frivolous things. So how do you determine want is important?

Do I Need To Let My Issues With This Situation Go? FCR192

do i need to let my issues with this situation go

Emotions! We all have them. Some are fun some not so much. One of the tough ones is how to handle difficult situations in life? How to get out of a situation you don’t want to be in? You know what I mean. If you deal with, talk to or interact in any way with people you will run into issues unless you are a saint.

Where Is My Life Going? FCR179

where is my life going

One of my most favorite of Einstein’s quotes is, “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” Basically it means that you can do anything you want to do or at least enjoy the journey of the attempt.

What Should I Use My Energy On? FCR178

what should i use my energy on

As human beings we try to stuff so much into a day of life along this wonderful journey. We have family, friends, career and so much more that need our attention. Sometimes there is just too much. We have issues spreading ourselves so thinly. So what is it that you truly want…

What Are Past Lives Anyway? UYT162

what are past lives

What are past lives anyway? You have heard so many people talk about them. If you haven’t experienced an accurate past life reading then…

How To Guide And Help My Children? FCR173

how to guide and help my children

This free card reading is about whether a mother should help her children with overcoming obstacles in life. So what are the purpose of life challenges? Why can’t everything just run along smoothly? Challenges help you grow. Basically challenges in life make you stronger just like lifting weights does. No Pain, no gain as the adage goes. If you keep helping someone every time they get into a …

Should I Stay Or Should I Leave? FCR164C

should i stay or should i leave

When will I meet my true soul mate or in other words, will I ever find love? These are question that come up so often in life. So first off let’s look at what is a soul mate? At least what do people think soul mates are? In most cases people think that they are the one person on the earth that was meant to be with them in a blissful love relationship.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Help FCR129

should i stay or should i go

Sometimes in life you have to make a decision about a relationship. These can be life changing decisions. When you are feeling confused about relationships you need to make the best decision for yourself. Trusting yourself to make the right decision can be a challenge especially when making better choices in life that can drastically alter your existence.