Activate Your First Chakra For Life Balance- UYT039

Your 7 chakras, seven chakras, are conduits for all spiritual information. The first chakra channels your information on how to operate and heal your physical body and other information on how to survive in physical reality.

Laughter Heals Painful Emotions – UYT036

why laughter heals painful emotions

There are social benefits of laughter but can laughter heal painful emotions? When it comes to physical practices for releasing emotional pain there are several emotional healing techniques one can use. However, the fastest way to heal painful emotions…

Can Lack Of Affection Ruin A Relationship – UYT020

are you having relationship problems

Can lack of affection ruin a relationship? First, let’s examine what creates a good relationship in theory. So what is love? Out of all the emotions Love ranks high as a one of the most sought after, intense and misunderstood…

Am I Reincarnated Clues You Lived Past Lives – UYT003

am i reincarnated

Are you asking yourself the question” am I reincarnated”? Do you believe in past lives? maybe you are interested in past lives and reincarnation? Have you ever wondered about your own past lives? Do you believe you …

No Sense Of Self Can Lead To Personal Disaster

you too can discover your unique life purpose

 No sense of self can lead to personal disaster and no sense of self meaning. This can happen very suddenly and without much warning oneness and merging are confused.  In the last blog post I talked about two aspects of the fourth chakra called oneness and affinity.

The Psychic Ability Of Clear Feeling Clairsentience

the psychic ability of clear feeling clairsentience a psychic superpower

The psychic ability of clear feeling Clairsentience can also be called the emotional receiver. A spiritual ability located in the second chakra, the sacral chakra, is clairsentience. This simply means clear feeling and it is how …

Emotions And The Second Chakra Part 1

emotions and the second chakra - part 1 emotions are the body’s communication mechanism

Emotions and the second chakra part 1 the first of three posts because emotions are a big subject that effects all of us. The second chakra is the body’s main communication channel to you the spirit. It contains your information on emotions. Emotions are communications from the body to you the spiritual being. They tell you how the body is responding to a situation it is in.

Have You Been Feeling Overly Emotional Lately?

have you been feeling overly emotional lately

Hello – how are you doing after the cosmic shift in universe, mainly an energy shift? Have you been feeling overly emotional lately? These symptoms of energy shifts & ascension are perfectly expected. It may be due to the recent massive shift in the earth’s cosmic energy.

Words Can Hurt Or Heal, The Power Behind Words!

words can hurt or heal and the miracles they can create

Words can hurt or heal! They can create miracles in your life or complete devastate you. Remember the old ‘“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”’ saying when you were a child well the opposite is actually truer. Think about it. Words CAN…