How To Interpret Tarot Cards And Alternative Tarot Decks UYT243

how to use tarot cards safely

Tarot card decks are one of the most common psychic reading traditions yet understanding how to interpret tarot cards may seem to be a mystery. The cards themselves have been used for centuries and traditionally they were considered to be very specific to those that were “gifted readers” such as the gypsies to “tell your fortune”. They were even touted to have magic power.

How To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One UYT224

learn how to communicate with a deceased loved one

Many of you want to know how to communicate with a deceased loved one. You don’t have to hold a seance or invest in an Ouija board. You may feel that you have to somehow go out of your way to call upon a deceased loved one…

The Power Of Angels In Your Life UYTI220

understand the role of angels in our lives

Angels are real they may just not be exactly what the bible has us envisioning. You may have beautiful pictures of angels in heaven in your mind. They are sitting around playing harps or surround the “throne of God”. So what are angels like? Actually, many of you have had visits from…

What Is Personal Transformation? UYT156

visit some stories of life transformation

To qutoe Ezina,”I make music because it is transformational and helps people to heal and live more purposefully. Music renews energy and transmutes negativity. I want my music to create a positive stirring in people’s souls.”

Learn How To Follow Your Intuition, Free

learn about how to follow your intuition

Learning how to follow your intuition can seem quite daunting a task. It doesn’t have to be. One thing for certain though, when you learn how to awaken your intuition interesting things can happen. Did you ever have…

Am I Going Crazy, I Hear Voices – UYT032

am i going crazy

I hear voices am I going crazy is a question many people ask themselves when their spiritual abilities begin to develop? However, psychic development is not the first thing that comes to mind. Mind you, it all depends…