Signs You Are Telepathic – UYT021

what are the top 10 signs you are telepathic

Occasionally people who demonstrate psychic behaviors are thought of as mad or even possessed. Completely untrue! Everyone has some variety of psychic behavior, but…

What Are Ley Lines? – UYT019

What do Dragons, Kundalini and Ley Lines have in common? One thing is that they are all considered legends or myths in some way. In this episode, we explore these ancient legends and creation myths. Also, the relationship between dragons and the kundalini energy of the earth…

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Safely! – UYT016

how to communicate with your spirit guide

So you would like to know how to communicate with your spirit guide safely to help with those issues in your life that you just cannot master or overcome alone. Many people have different opinions of spirit beings. They feel that some are…

How Do You See Auras? – UYT010

how do you see auras

How do you see auras and energy of any kind? One of the many types of psychic abilities is Clairvoyance or extrasensory perception, as it is more commonly known. One of its main use is that of seeing the various energy fields called auras that encompass everything in the Universe but mainly those around you.

The Throat Chakra – Your Complete Communication Center!

throat chakra healing and health

The power of the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is that it serves many functions in all aspects of communication. Physically it governs speech, hearing, and self-expression, but it is also the container for your spiritual communication. It is responsible for things like contacting Spirits…

What Is A Medium And Mediumship?

what is a medium in regards to psychic readings

Generally when people are looking for ways of how to call upon a deceased loved one they will turn to a medium. Some mediums use what can be considered a…