Are You Living Your Best Life? UYTI216

living your best life can be done

Let me ask you a serious question, how was your day, are you living your best life? If the answer is yes how do you know? If the answer is no why not?

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind UYTI214

you can learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is like your personal Hard Drive. It controls everything you do so do you think knowing how to reprogram your subconscious mind could be important to your very existence. You have heard that negative thoughts can…

Do You Love Yourself Just As You Are? UYTI206

do you love yourself unconditionally

You are the light of the world but you just don’t know it. Almost all of the issues you may have related to relationships have to do with being able to love yourself first, before loving others…

What Field Of Work Would Best Serve Me? FCR348

what field of work would best serve me

The vast majority of people in our world have to work in order to live. You’re not surprised to hear that I am sure. The issue is that most people are just doing; doing something to do exactly that, earn a living. There is more to the purpose of life than just…

Is This A Good Or Bad Time To Quit My Job? FCR335

is this a good or bad time to quit my job

Should you quit your job? First of all, in this society work and career have changed since dad or granddad’s time. They would have advised you to never quit your job. Stick around for the gold watch and the pension. That doesn’t happen …

What Should I Study? FCR319

what should i study

Life is full of decisions. When you are younger choosing a major is one of those. Choosing what to study, knowing how to choose a course that fits you and what you feel that you would like to do for the rest of your life can be a real challenge. As you get older things…

What Occupation Will I Thrive In? FCR293

what occupation will i thrive in

What is the best advice for career success? Decisions, decisions! First of all, before you start looking for career success tips you should determine exactly what does career success mean to you. One person’s success can be completely different than another’s. Fully understandable! This is where…

What Can You See As A Good Career For Me? FCR279

what can you see as a good career for me

Having problems focusing on life’s challenges? Do you feel unprepared? Having issues facing the day? Have you lost faith or belief in things, people and even yourself? In most of these situations, it is because…

Will I Have A Successful Career? FCRG270

will i have a successful career

So what makes a successful career in your eyes? Money? Power? Fame? All of the above?  So how do you achieve it? So you are unsure about choosing a career, not just choosing a career but choosing the right career. Achieving success in life and career seem to go hand in hand. Much of the time the fact …