All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction UYT208

does all disease begins in the gut

There was a time that science and medical practitioner believed all disease begins in the gut. This concept started over 2000 years ago when it was suggested by Hippocrates, who like you most probably know, was considered the father of contemporary medicine. This concept held true for quite a period of time. So was he correct in his prognosis?

Spiritual Entity Possession And Removal UYT198

spiritual entity possession can be hazardous to your happiness

One of the areas that I find is escalating in my clients is that of spiritual entity possession and removal. So what is a spiritual entity, how do you recognize one and why would you want it removed?

Is Intuition Real – Intuition Vs Instinct UYT197

how to know when your intuition is talking to you

Intuition is a spiritual gift that allows access to many different forms of understanding the world, the Spirits (people and all creatures) in it as well as those that have passed through it. Many feel that Intuitive gifts cannot …

Chakras And Their Meaning And Your Life Purpose! UYT175

chakras and their meaning

You like many people wonder are chakras real and if they are you may be curious about chakras and their meaning. They are and the awareness of these energy centers has been around a long time. The word itself comes from the Sanskrit language and roughly translated it means wheel. When observing the Chakras…

How To Read Auras! UYT166

how to read auras

The capability of reading energy and auras is considered a psychic or intuitive gift. Individuals with the ability to detect auras say that they appear to be bands of light which wrap around what is being scanned but mostly people. Each particular band can be seen as different colors.

Best Psychic Readings Near Me UYT163

best psychic readings near me

If you are into working with intuitive readers you have definitely asked the question “where are the best psychic readings near me”? And of course, you want a good reading as well not just finding a “psychic near …

Just Read Doreen Virtue Article And I Don’t Know What To Do? FCR196

just read doreen virtue article and i don’t know what to do

Many of us depend on others to help guide us spiritually and in life as well. There is nothing wrong with seeking out help from more learned individuals especially when it comes to the psychic realm. However you do not need to. You can actually learn how to develop intuition and use this gift for yourself

What Can You Tell Me About The Current Health Of My Daughter M? FCR140

Regardless of the situation we find ourselves in life there is one truth that holds true. We create our own reality.  When I say that you can create your own reality I mean exactly that. Whether you are sick, you are broke, have no love in your life it all points back to your creative vibration. Hard to hear for some!

Will I Ever Meet My Soulmate? FCR141

will i ever meet my soulmate

I receive many questions along the lines of “when will i meet my true love, when will i find love?’ True love and meeting your soulmate are not necessarily the same thing. I discuss this in more detail in this free card reading response. The question may be something more along the lines of “when will I meet my life partner” which is probably what most mean when posing a soulmate inquiry.