How Do I Remove This Entity? FCR304

how do i remove this entity

These can be entities or even just other people’ energy in your space. Usually, these come in through your crown chakra when it is too open. In order to remove negative energy, you must first recognize it. Once this is done then comes the removal part. Occasional getting in touch…

Will I Overcome My Anxiety And Depression? FCR262

will i overcome my anxiety

There are so many people battling depression and anxiety. I know I see many of them in my practice. It is sad to see another soul in pain. I really do all I can do to help them. The interesting thing is that I really am helpless in a way. I can guide them and give them a healing but it is really…

Where Is The Negative Energy Coming From In My Life ? FCR255

where is the negative energy coming from

The guidance that we can give is to choose to let go of your resistance. You may find that you’re not stuck in the same place facing these energies that you’re talking about. I’m saying that you’ve created them in your reality. That you can learn …

Do You See Anything Wrong With My Neck? FCR202

do you see anything wrong with my neck

Why do you experience certain pains in your life that seem to come from inexpicable sources? Sometimes it can be unwanted energy creepinging into your life.  So you need to sheild your personal space.Why is personal space important?

How Chakras Relate To Your Sense Of Purpose And More – UYT049

are your chakras in line with your sense of purpose

What is the purpose of chakras? There are times in our lives when we feel really weary due to a lack of energy, or just feel stressed out. Because most of us are in the working world we end up dedicating much of our days and energy to our careers. What is the use of putting out all this effort if we cannot enjoy the rewards?

Activate Your First Chakra For Life Balance- UYT039

learn to activate your first chakra

Your 7 chakras, seven chakras, are conduits for all spiritual information. The first chakra channels your information on how to operate and heal your physical body and other information on how to survive in physical reality.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Lives – UYT028

how does climate change affect us all

How does climate change affect us? How is climate change affecting your life personally? How is climate change affecting all living things on our planet? Beyond just the obvious answers to these questions, there are many spiritual considerations as well.  For instance,…

Understanding Your Chakras

understanding your chakras

Understanding your chakras in relation to other chakras is critical to living a full life including your embracing your spirituality. Each of the chakras has its own area of responsibility that is useful to you and humanity as a whole. Learning how to balance your chakras is very important. It enables you to experience each of the gifts that the individual chakras have to offer.