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October 3, 2023

What Is The Third Chakra And Why Is It So Important? UYT391

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Your Third Chakra: The Navel Chakra

Tonight, we answer the question, what is the third chakra? The third chakra is called the solar plexus chakra and the navel chakra. The latter is because the navel chakra is situated slightly above your belly button area. This is called the solar plexus. And you all know where the solar plexus is. If you are not sure, when someone punches another in the gut, and they lose their breath, it’s right there. Not that you have ever been punched in the gut.

What Is The Third Chakra, And Why Is It So Important?

What Is The Third Chakra?

So, this energy center relates to energy distribution. It assists in the allocation of lifeforce energies throughout your whole being. And it does so for not only your physical body but also your astral body. It relates to how you are focusing your energy between those two vehicles.

So, your third chakra relates to energy distribution, out-of-body experience (O.B.E.), and out-of-body memory. You could also say things like astral travel or lucid dreaming are all governed by the sacral chakra.

We will read a little bit from Intuition And Chakras, my book, to get a better description of all the chakras and what they’re about. Recognizing the blocks relating to the third chakra is an excellent place to start.

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“Think about the third chakra as your power center. When you have got that center open, you are in your power. When you have that center closed down, you are not in your power. You are probably in a state of fear. So, if you have ever had that feeling where you are really, really afraid, one of the things that happens to you is that the third chakra closes down.

So, if you think about a time when you were afraid and what that felt like, that’s one of the things that you felt in that area of your gut. True power is about owning, balancing, and channeling your energy to consciously create your life.”

Navel Chakra Imbalance And Competition

“What happens when you have a navel chakra imbalance? Unfortunately, many individuals misuse their energy to exert authority over others. Because there’s a misunderstanding about power and what power is on this planet. So people believe they have to compete to be successful because there’s a hierarchy amongst the people of our planet.

This plays out at home and at work. There’s got to be someone at the top, and there’s only room for a top dog, one top dog. For some reason, there is a belief that you can’t peacefully co-create and recognize the power within each human being. But you know, one day, when humanity has evolved, that will change.

Then, what it will be like is that you will be able to be balanced in your own power and recognize what’s unique and powerful about your fellow humans and the acceptance and allowance of that. You own your power when you live life authentically. This requires enough self-knowledge to choose what you believe over what others say and to support yourself regardless of other people’s projections that would have you behave differently.

There is no shortage of individuals dealing with a tremendous amount of projections of other people. People who want them to be or believe something different than is true or can be true. They try to interfere with your ability to step into your power and assert who you really are.

So, when your third chakra is balanced, and you are in your power, you know what you want, and you ask for it. You understand that you have boundaries and deserve to be treated respectfully. When others behave badly, you are unaffected and can detach or walk away. You become more effective by consciously remaining in your body and controlling your energy. And you can turn your energy up or down and direct it where you like, such as your intuitive senses. “

Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage Symptoms what is the third chakra and how is it blocked

What are some signs that you may have a navel chakra imbalance or third chakra blockage? What can be the evidence of a navel chakra imbalance that shows up in your everyday lives?

The symptoms can be simply that your life somehow feels out of balance. It could manifest issues at work, at home, or problems with authority. Issues like where there are:

  • One person or group pitched against another.
  • A level of competition.
  • A level of expectations.
  • A level of judgment.
  • A power play or power struggle.
  • An attempt of one person to assert control and dominion over another.
  • An attempt to keep another person in their place.

Those are examples of things that can relate to a third chakra imbalance of some form.

Signs You May Need A Chakra Cleansing And Balancing

These are some signs and examples of needing a chakra cleansing and balancing.

  • Experiencing power plays to invalidate somebody you know. To try to make them feel inadequate. Make them believe that they’re not good enough. To expect too much of someone or too little of someone.
  • So, this imbalance can make you feel like people are always competing with you.
  • Maybe you feel like people don’t believe in you and don’t expect very much from you.
  • Or people expect too much from you.
  • You may have problems with authority. For example, if you always have some form of struggle getting along with your boss.

Or it could show up as you diminishing yourself. It’s like dogs or wolves. Pack animals where you have that alpha dog, and the others diminish themselves. They cow down to the alpha dog.

So, human behavior can be very similar. You diminish yourselves to stay safe because you are frightened that this person will overpower you somehow. You may even talk them up to make them feel better about themselves. So there’s a power structure that gets set up between people. Both people in that scenario have an imbalance in their third chakra because neither is validating themselves. And neither of them is validating the other person. Why?

If you believe you are better than others, you are invalidating them. But you are also not seeing yourself very clearly. And if you believe that you are less than everyone else, it is the same thing. You are not seeing yourself or them very clearly because you are unique. You have unique energy and are unique aspects of divine consciousness. You have a unique life purpose, a unique life plan, or a unique pathway that you journey through your life through your chakra system.

And so you are all you are all completely different. It makes absolutely no sense to compare one against another or pit one against another. So when you do that, you are out of balance. You are not seeing the truth of things.

Feelings Related To A Sacral Chakra Blockage Or Unbalancewhat is the third chakra and how does it relate to your emotions and feelings

So, what are some feelings of being out of balance in your third chakra? You may experience feelings of not being good enough or unworthy, have low self-esteem, or undergo a state of anxiety or a state of fear.

You could experience the opposite of that sense of personal diminishment. Misusing your energy may also be a symptom of an out-of-balance third chakra. You could be using your energy to overpower others or have competition issues, which were previously mentioned.

Another symptom of an out-of-balance sacral chakra is being very concerned about your status and rank. How you match up against society within the culture, within any group you belong to.

On the one hand, there is tribal behavior, where you want to fit in with the group and also where you want to be the top dog in the group. So you are trying to match the others or be the best one. If you have a group of women, they may try to be the prettiest, the sexiest, or the most clever. And the men may want to be the brawniest or the brainiest.

And, of course, all of this denotes a disconnection with Divine Source Energy. You are obviously not in touch with God or who you are as an aspect of God. So these are lessons in power control and being in balance.

Physical Symptoms Related To A Sacral Chakra Blockage Or Unbalance

On a physical level, you may experience symptoms of an out-of-balance navel chakra. Some of the more common signs are feeling exhausted. You don’t have enough energy. Your get up and go got up and went. Basically, you are fatigued. These symptoms can be related to your energy distribution. And they can be related to your digestive system, which is how you assimilate fuel to energize the body. And there are a lot of different organs associated with the digestive system. And so if you have some kind of digestive problem, it’s relevant to look at what’s going on with the third chakra.

Let’s read a little more from Intuition And Chakras regarding the sacral chakra. Let’s look at how you use your energy and where you have tied your energy up.

Learn More About Your Intuitive Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

If you feel aligned and use your energy to stay on track and fulfill your purpose, then you are using your energy wisely. You are focusing your lifeforce energy units as was intended to create your own reality, from free will, in your unique way. Because there’s no one else like you, and when you bring your unique vibration into the world, the heart of humanity rejoices because you get to experience the gift of you.

But if you are a victim, it’s relevant. As a victim, you will be intimidated by emotional assaults, dwelling on past hurts, afraid to stand up for your beliefs, you don’t trust yourself to make good decisions, uncertain about your wants, feel manipulated, feel used, and feel like you are being ignored, then you are not owning your power. And nor are you using your energy for your unique purpose.

Instead, you are letting yourself be waylaid by invalidation, expectations, and limiting beliefs. If you feel like a child being talked down to and told what to do, if you complain but don’t change anything, if you are a bully, imposing your will on others, or if you try to force change by competing with family, friends or colleagues, then you are still tying up your energy inappropriately.

It doesn’t pay to keep everyone else happy at your own expense. If you are ignoring issues you care about because you don’t think you can change them or doing what others want to avoid rocking the boat, think again. This is not a recipe for empowerment or living a purpose-filled life.”

So, there was your condensed list of how you can be out of balance in your third chakra.

Your Third Chakra And Out Of Body Experienceswhat's an out of body experience like

One of the things that the third chakra is responsible for is the distribution of vital energy into your physical and astral bodies to support your life experiences. It’s also very much the center that relates to more etherial out-of-body experience and out-of-body memory. So you have different words for this, and they’re not all exactly the same.

Let’s go through them a little bit. So you say out-of-body experience, don’t when you say astral travel, you say lucid dreaming. Are they all the same thing? Not necessarily. You can be out of your body, not in any body. So you are spirit, you can be in your physical body or Spirit, you can be in your astral body or spirit, you can be in your light body or spirit, you can be in all of those bodies.

If you are a master of energy, you can operate those bodies simultaneously. But you can also exist apart from any body as that divine spiritual spark that you are. So when you talk about astral travel, you are talking about using another vessel, another vehicle called the astral body, which you use when exploring the astral realm. The astral realm is the cooperation of human mass consciousness that is closely associated with the earth plane.

We can travel beyond that realm in the light body for higher dimensional travel. And you can, you can travel just as pure spirit as well. So, these are all different ways of out-of-body experiences.

And, of course, remembering that you were dreaming is a sign that you were having an out-of-body experience. Becoming awake within a dream, which is what you call lucid dreaming, is also a sign that you are having out-of-body experiences. learn to explain your dreams

The out-of-body realm is infinite, and the in-body realm is finite. So, that means you can’t possibly remember everything you experience outside of the body when you can when you are in the body. And so that’s why you have this thing called Out of Body memory, which is also an aspect of the third chakra that helps you recall dreams, have conscious shamanic journeys or astral adventures, and be able to recall, assimilate, and integrate the information into your physical body.

Chakra Cleansing And Balancing: How To Balance Your Chakras

Well, that is a quick look at the sacral chakra, and it’s balancing issues. Sometimes, it’s a cleansing issue. That’s not operating from the consciousness of war. So, where do you start if you would like to remove fear and any of the issues discussed? Start with clearing the chakras and releasing out-of-alignment energies. So, in the third chakra, any of these things discussed earlier is an out-of-alignment energy.

When you are in fear, you lose your grounding, close your third chakra, open your crown chakra, and your energy goes out everywhere into everyone else’s space. All your chakras need you to be grounded. As for a technique to help with these issues, a daily meditation practice that focuses on grounding and centering. You will find a link for a guided meditation below.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Third Chakra, And Why Is It So Important as we delve into the energy of the sacral chakra.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is The Third Chakra And Why Is It So Important :

  • CK – If your third chakra is open too much, can that be dangerous for you?
  • Brian – Is there a collective conscious experience for the third chakra being Blocked? For example, you described competition and struggle between 2 people, but what about groups? Pitting one group against another. Where whole groups are being involved and invalidated? For example, how we see the political field. How does that work?
  • Susan – While meditating the other day, I asked my higher self why it’s so hard to get my life together the way I know I deserve. It was exciting to finally understand why things don’t always go well. The answer I got was that I have been navigating everything through fear. So now I have to try not to feel that fear. But it’s easier said than done.
  • Lorraine – Which chakra does the fear energy enter? Does all energy enter through the crown chakra and then flow to the appropriate chakra?
  • Corry – Do the chakras act as individual energy centers or work as a system? Together?

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