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June 3, 2017

What Is Kundalini Spirit? – UYT079

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What Is Kundalini Spirit and What Are The Kundalini Awakening Symptoms?

What Is Kundalini Spirit and What Are The Kundalini Awakening Symptoms? I receive these questions quite often. Kundalini comes from the Sanscrit termbenefits of kundalini awakening and earliest India that recognizes the ascending of energy and consciousness, the Kundalini spiritual awakening. This energy is found at the base of the spine. It is said that the Kundalini serpent goddess can snake around the base of the spine since we were born. Some practitioners say that it coils at the root of the spine to hold the energetic field stable until we pass on. At the moment of death, it uncoils and goes back to the source. It is said to be the substance of life energy. This energy is also called the chi, bio-energy, or the more commonly used Pranic energy. Yogic science advocates that Kundalini energy is the causal force that forms the child in the womb.

What Is Kundalini Spirit?

Some of the symptoms one may experience during the Kundalini awakening process:

  • Disruptive Energy: Kundalini energy may be disturbing for some females. Some Kundalini experiences she may have are body shaking or mildly convulsing, as well as other involuntary movements of the arms and head. Sleep can be affected, as well as possible lack of attention and concentration.
  • Pleasurable Energy: Some women have described the Kundalini awakening experience as powerful and, at the same time, agreeable. The emerging energy often livens the artful nature and a sense of self-expression and physicality. Present, past, and future family interests increase as well.
  • Problematic Symptoms: Through some of the stages of spiritual awakening, Kundalini’s energy can cause very disruptive reactions. Different afflictions such as migraines, extreme tiredness, and gastrointestinal issues may occur that make the individual uncomfortable and can interfere with regular goings-on.
  • Heightened Senses: Some senses may be heightened during a Kundalini energy awakening. Emotions like love, grief, rage, and anger, as well as even depression, may become increasingly prominent. You may even sense temperature differently, more intense in nature.kundalini awakening symptoms

Because of the nature of these physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening, also known as the Kundalini rising or soul awakening, most people have the impression that it is the basis of sexuality, and they go hand in hand. They do have many similar physical signs. So, in some cases, they are very similar. How can you tell whether or not you are running your Kundalini? In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, we will discuss how to open the Kundalini. What Kundalini feels like is also important to understand so we will take a peek at that as well. I will also give you a list of the signs that you may be doing just that and how to do Kundalini meditation.

In this podcast, What Is Kundalini Spirit, you will learn:

  • Ten signals of this amazing Energy.
  • How to turn it on.
  • How to use this energy.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Kundalini Spirit, when we discuss the differences and similarities between sexuality and Kundalini. You may be surprised.

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