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November 5, 2019

Is Having Visions Of Jesus Possible For You? UYTI221

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Would You Like Encounters With Past Masters Like Jesus?

If you read through the Bible or study other religious texts you will encounter experiences of visions of Jesus direct encounterspeople and groups having visions of Jesus. These include mostly saints who had visions and are considered known miracles and are the Vatican approved apparitions. But have you heard of any recent vision of Jesus? Probably not. Unless you run in metaphysical circles that is.

Are Visions Of Jesus A Testimony Of Faith?

Whether you are referring to visions of Jesus’ direct encounters or apparitions of Mary does this have anything to do with which religion you belong to or how strong your faith is is? Of course not. What having these forms of visitation requires is your will to do so. Then all you need to do is learn how it is done. This is quite simple when you break it down to its core.

You have heard me speak about it on many occasions. The answer is simple, create a regular meditation practice for yourself. Meditation connects you with the bein that you truly are. This is Spirit. You were Spirit before you came to this life and you will be again when you leave it. You all know this. But many of you forget that Spirit does not leave you when you are born.

Just the opposite. It stays with you. However, the issue is that your human nature takes over and you forget the powerful being that you truly are. When you meditate you reconnect with the inner spirit that is you. You as Spirit has many capabilities that you as a human do not have.

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You Can Be Like The Saints Who Had Visions

For instance, as Spirit is not bound by time or space in any manner. It is not bound by a physical body. This allows you to travel wherever whenever you want, past, future, anywhere on earth, or the celestial realms. It also allows you to connect with all other Spirits because you are more or less all on the same frequency.

So here is the secret to having visions of Jesus or connecting with any of the other archetypes that you may desire to encounter, JUST ASK. That’s it. Simply ask to meet in the spiritual realm during your meditation.

These spirits or spirit guides as many like to call them are just waiting to help you out with anything you desire. One thing they will not help you with however is to do or help you do something that is not for your spiritual or physical wellbeing.

Meet David Young Who Has Had Visions Of Jesus

Today we speak to someone who has had visions of Jesus and both Marys. He is a talented do you need a testimony of faith for Mary to appear to youmusician, author, and spiritual channeler.

As an author, David’s recent works is “The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdelene”

David Believes That:

“Mastership is not only for the Ascended Masters. Each of us has the potential.” He has facilitated 7,000 people to have some of their most powerful spiritual experiences at his Portal Between Heaven and Earth meditation events where he shares the profound information that came through ten channelers found in this latest book, The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena. The book also features David’s original artwork and music through QR codes.

David has recorded 60 albums that have sold over a million copies. He is also a healer and channeler. His music, well-known for its therapeutic properties, he developed a method of playing two different size recorders at once, in harmony, which creates a sound that some call the most beautiful music on Earth. It is said that more attendees have had out of body experiences listening to his music; the effect his Sound Healings have had on people is unparalleled.

David transforms those that listen to his music with spiritual energy created by playing his flutes. Participants report having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, St Germain, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, an Archangel, or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven.

Ascended Masters began to appear during meditation, in dreams, and through his artwork, that Young received powerful messages. Soon, manifestations of the messages he would receive just days prior began unfolding and those who attended his workshops shared their experiences of connecting with Jesus and Mary. This serendipitous juncture in his life laid the groundwork for Young’s realization of the hidden truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalena’s incredible journey.

Here are a few of the questions David fields during or interview:

  • What was your life like before you began receiving messages about Jesus and the two Marys?
  • What was your reaction when you first saw your ex channeling Jesus and Mary Magdalena?
  • Were you skeptical when you first began receiving messages from Ascended Masters?
  • What was your view on religion before these experiences, and what is your view now?
  • How did Jesus first directly appear to you?
  • What is one of the most powerful messages you have received from Jesus?
  • How often do you have conversations with Jesus and Mother Mary?
  • What would you say to the skeptic, or to the Christian who might not accept your information?
  • What Ascended Masters still offer messages to you?
  • What inspired you to begin leading workshops?
  • Describe what your “Portal Between Heaven and Earth” events are like.
  • Who are your earliest spiritual influences?
  • How would you classify your music?

For more information about David Young please visit: http://www.davidyoungmusic.com

If you have ever wondered or desired to commune with the masters and archetypes but weren’t sure, join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Is Having Visions Of Jesus Possible, and have your eyes opened and spirit released to do just that.

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