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September 19, 2023

Why Is Clearing A Throat Chakra Blockage So Important? UYT389

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Your Throat Chakra Location

Is your fifth chakra functioning optimally, or are you experiencing a throat chakra blockage? So, first of all, if you are not familiar with it, your fifth chakra is located near the cleft of the throat. And often, you point at a physical location when talking about the chakra. However, it’s not part of your physical body. It’s part of your energy system and your energy body, but it is associated with part of the physical system. Let’s examine this energy center.

Why Is Clearing A Throat Chakra Blockage So Important?

What Is The Throat Chakra?

So, all seven chakras are associated physically with bundles of nerves called nerve Plexus and the endocrine glands. The fifth chakra, also known as the Vishuddha chakra, is associated with the cervical plexus and is located between the third and fifth cervical vertebrae. It is also connected to the function of your thyroid gland because, as you know, it is located right in that very same position.

So, each of your chakras is an energy center. However, you like to describe them in a few different ways. On the one hand, it’s a window of perception. So, each of the main chakras relates to a different aspect, a different way of viewing and processing the world.

So, the fifth chakra has everything to do with communication. It is the communication center, the communication chakra. And, of course, on a physical level, it relates to your voice. It connects to the capability of speech, listening, speaking up, speaking out, and all those functions in that region.

With your throat chakra blocked you can encounter many issues regarding communication, emotions, metaphysical and spiritual issues. So your questions may be, “Why is my throat chakra blocked?” or “How to unblock throat chakra?”

Throat Chakra On A Spiritual, Physical, Or Psychic Levelpractice a throat chakra meditation

On a spiritual level, it relates to several different psychic abilities associated with the ability to communicate spiritually in some form or other. Clearing your throat can indicate that you might have a blocked throat chakra.

This may be a sign that you are having issues with your fifth chakra, pointing to some form of physical or psychic complaint. You may have a sore throat, a thyroid problem, issues with your hearing, sinus problems, or any number of things. Those types of physical issues would map to a fifth chakra relationship. And by the time something is a physical symptom, you have already been ignoring it as a spiritual issue. You are missing telltale throat chakra blockage symptoms.

Your body will tell you when something is out of alignment. It will also tell you when there is an issue on an emotional level. But if you deny that emotion, if you ignore that emotion, if you squash that emotion down, and you don’t rebalance at that point, then the body will talk louder to you with some physical symptoms.

So, one way to know that you have some form of a block or issue at the fifth chakra level is by recognizing physical symptoms that map to that area of the body, such as a sore throat, Laryngitis, losing your voice completely, sinusitis, hypothyroid, or hyperthyroid issues. These are only some physical ailments that may represent that you have a problem and require a throat chakra balancing.

All those things will relate to your fifth chakra and will have some underlying physical or emotional relevance. So, you are on an emotional level.

Emotional Throat Chakra Blockage Symptomsreleasing repressed emotions through self-love

How might you feel, or what emotional feelings might give you a clue that something is going on? A classic one is that you might fear speaking up or speaking out. One sure sign is being afraid of public speaking. Or you might be afraid of speaking up on any level, whether it’s in a group of people or one-on-one with an individual.

Having a fear that if you do speak up or speak out, people will ignore you, they will consider that you don’t matter, that you are not important, or that nobody ever listens to what you say to them. That can also signify that something is going on with your fifth chakra. This will cause you to never really authentically express yourself.

And in turn, you will have emotional self-worth issues. So what happens when you have negative feelings but dampen them down or bury them simply because you don’t want to offend anyone? You don’t want to upset anyone. You don’t want to trigger somebody. So you turn your own voice down. Those can also be signs of you causing a throat chakra balancing problem.

These can all lead to more serious self-worth issues, such as:

  • Lacking the confidence to speak up.
  • Being overly shy or bashful.
  • Feeling like you are an idiot.
  • Feeling stupid and can’t do anything properly.
  • Feel like there’s no point in you saying anything because you will not say anything intelligent or clever.
  • You are going to get it wrong.
  • A fear of being judged by others.
  • It’s best not to speak up. After all, it doesn’t go well every time you speak up because people will jump down your throat.

And so it’s a form of self-denial. Some of these feelings can be set up in your childhood. So if you are told as little girls or boys you should be seen and not heard, don’t speak unless you are spoken to, go and sit in the corner, be quiet in the classroom and don’t speak, put your hand up to be heard and only if the teacher allows you, called a little chatterbox known for just never shutting up and always speaking, can lay down certain beliefs about yourself. This can create the reality of who you are and the level of your voice and make you feel safe and comfortable to speak up and speak out.

Blocked Or Overactive Throat Chakralearn about throat chakra blockage symptoms

There can be some other signs that are indications of an imbalance in your fifth chakra that can relate more to some of the spiritual, psychic, and intuitive elements that go on within that energy center.

One of the more common concerns is hearing voices and perhaps not understanding what those voices are. Hearing voices, listening to them, and doing what they tell you to do without discernment can be risky. Hearing voices and talking to them in public in a way that’s not connected with this reality. Those can also be signs of a throat chakra imbalance in your fifth chakra.

Signs of an overactive or imbalanced throat chakra:

  • Feeling or being inauthentic.
  • Not being able to express yourself and being a poor communicator.
  • Lacking discernment about how you speak, what you say, and who you say it to.
  • Need to be clearer about who you are and what your message is.
  • Being a hothead or loudmouth.
  • Giving away your power on the level of your voice to others.
  • Giving and receiving mixed messages. Not being clear but offering confusing messages to people, making it hard for them to understand.
  • Auditory hallucinations.

Unlock Your Intuition?

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Throat Chakra Blocked And The Emergence Of Your Psychic Abilities

And then you might get on to some other throat chakra blocked symptoms that are more of a sign of the emergence of your psychic abilities. They seem to be a problem and a symptom of some kind. Sometimes, when this energy center opens up, on a psychic level, it displays different symptoms. Symptoms include clicking sounds, Morse code, and high-pitched sounds of different annoying frequencies. When this occurs, people come to me with questions like:

  • Why do I have this buzzing in my ears?
  • Why do I hear these dots, dashes, beeps, or hissing sounds?

And so you can feel that there’s something wrong with your hearing. You may think this is a symptom of something else, but it might just be a phase you are going through on the level of your fifth chakra. This can occur as you start to raise your vibrational frequency. As you start to clear that chakra, you start to become more sensitive.

Another example of symptoms of throat chakra opening is that these sounds develop into something more similar to hearing voices. Voices that call your name or hear voices, but there’s nobody there. You may hear music or have a song playing repeatedly in your head, and the lyrics have a message for you. These can be occasional things, one-off things that happen to you and cause you to wonder or marvel about. And yet, they are actually a symptom of this energy center starting to open and awaken.

Results Of Throat Chakra Blockagewhy is my throat chakra blocked

In review, life can be confusing when you are affected by a throat chakra blockage and don’t own your fifth chakra energy. You suffer from too many vibrations and voices that may overwhelm you. You may be confused about your authentic inner voice versus the many external signals being picked up by your various psychic abilities channeled through your fifth chakra. You may lack confidence, fail to speak up for yourself, or inadvertently express someone else’s information. You can feel that you don’t own your mind and are just churning out of pap what other people think, believe, or say. Not really knowing yourself and knowing what it is that you believe. And on the extreme side of this, you could believe you are crazy.

So you can feel that way because of some of the symptoms of your psychic abilities waking up or a throat chakra imbalance.

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Throat Chakra Opening And Its Gifts

As your throat chakra opens, there are psychic gifts that you will experience. And the more you can connect with some of the higher aspects of this energy center, some of the spiritual aspects of this energy center. And one fundamental one is called your inner voice. And your inner voice is basically how your higher being communicates with you and provides guidance. It’s what people sometimes refer to as that still, small voice inside.

Your inner voice, your intuition. It is your inner voice. And this voice sounds exactly like you. Because it is you. So, if you hear a voice talking to you, and it sounds like you, that’s your inner voice because it’s possible for you to hear voices that don’t sound like you.

And if that isn’t you, don’t give them authority and power above your inner voice. It’s very, very important for you to be straight about who you are, know yourself, connect with your higher being, and be clear. The best way to do this is to meditate. Begin a daily grounding or throat chakra meditation practice. There is a link below for a downloadable guided meditation, which will help you ground and center spiritually and connect with your higher self.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Once you can connect with this power center, some of the gifts you will be able to access are:

  • Intuition is that voice that will guide you.
  • Clairaudience or clear hearing, psychic hearing, or spiritual hearing. This is the psychic ability to listen to spirit guides, angels, or other non-physical beings.
  • Telepathy. Broadband telepathy and narrowband telepathy. These are different in that the narrowband is one-on-one nonverbal communication.
  • Pragmatic intuition or practical intuition which are an everyday form of intuition that helps you deal with everyday affairs.

So, how do you know if you have a block in your fifth chakra? So those are some of the things in learning to recognize how the energy flows through your chakra. Learn to develop your psychic senses, and then it’s something that you can observe firsthand. You can tune in and look at all your chakras. You can tune in and feel the energy flow and if something is causing a blockage of some kind. You can see if there is an imbalance in that energy center.

Do you have it focused on the past? Do you have it focused on the future? Is it in the present time? Is it more negative, or is it more positive? You can tune into all of those things.

And there are energy techniques that you can use to bring the energy center into balance. Using your psychic abilities, you can read the growth cycle that is going on in that particular energy center.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is Clearing A Throat Chakra Blockage So Important, and learn how to recognize an inconsistency with your fifth chakra.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Is Clearing A Throat Chakra Blockage So Important:

  • Brian – What kind of auditory symptoms can be related to a throat chakra blockage? Are pressure changes in the ear, a shift from one side to the other, an example?
  • CK – Did you have an ah-ah moment or event regarding your chakras?
  • Lorraine – Are some of the communications nonverbal? For example, sometimes feeling an emotion?
  • BC – What about minor throat interruptions? I know you mentioned a sore throat. I’ve had instances where I’ve had a dry throat, or it bothers me, but it’s brief. It’s almost like it is to get my attention. I’ve also had a moment where I thought I’d caught some kind of conversation, but it sounded close yet far away. I’ve had some of this frequently, but it’s fleeting, so I’m not sure what it is.

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