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December 14, 2021

What Are The 4 Seasons Of Life, The 4 Spiritual Seasons Of Life UYT319

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What Are The Seasons Of Your Life?

You are human, but at the core, you are Spirit in a human bodysuit. As a human, you go through different spiritual seasons of life, cycles of growth and change. These cycles are not unlike those found in nature. And if you are alive in a physical body on Earth, you can’t really escape them. They’re part of it. 

What Are The 4 Seasons Of Life, The 4 Spiritual Seasons Of Life?

The Seasons Of Life Psychology

Just look at everything around you, and you will see that everything that has life goes through these cycles of growth and change. It doesn’t matter what living thing you are. For example, if you have a little indoor plant sitting next to you, that plant grows through cycles of growth and change. 

At one point, it was a seed, then it sprouted. And then it started growing into a seedling. Eventually, it became a bigger plant. Maybe it flowered and made seeds of its own. And so, the cycle of life continues. Even if you look at a relatively inanimate object, even take a pen. Well, there was the point when this pen didn’t exist. Then it was created from some different chemical ingredients. Someone extruded the chemicals into this tube and had some things printed on or painted a pretty color or whatever. Finally, it arrived at its ultimate existence as a writing instrument. 

One day this pen will cease to exist like everything else in the universe goes through cycles of growth and change. People do, and animals too. So there was a point in time where you didn’t exist. And then your body was created. And it started with a single cell, then those single cells divided. And they differentiated themselves. And they formed themselves into a little baby that was born.

When you were born, you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t walk, couldn’t do many things grew into a you begin your life's seasons as an innocent baby toddler. That toddler then grew into a child, a teenager, and the adult you now are. So you know that there is a cycle of aging, and eventually, you pass away. Death comes to us all.

Not only are you embedded within these cycles of life, these cycles of growth and change, the planet itself also adheres to this rule. There are planetary cycles. Such as morning and the sun is rising and the sun on the zenith at noon. And then, gradually, the sun goes down, and the sunset turns into the night. 

The moon is another example of how cycles are everywhere. It changes from the crescent moon to the full moon and all the different phases in between. Then, finally, there are the larger galactic planetary cycles of the Earth itself, a 25,000-year cycle, of which 2012 marked a culmination point and a resetting of that cycle. 

So look around. Do you think you could find anything in existence in the material realm that was not at some stage of the growth cycle? Now. As you exist within your lives, you go through many cycles of growth and change. So not just the cycle that we talked about, of the lifespan of the human being, but many different cycles of growth and change as you learn and grow through your existence on planet Earth.

Embracing The Seasons Of Life

I think if you look back at your life, you’ll be able to see many of the different seasons of life you have experienced. But, you will most probably lose count of all the different cycles of growth and change. You have been through good and bad relationship cycles, career cycles. You have experienced spiritual cycles, where you’ve been learning a new concept, a new understanding, a new level of understanding about something. 

So on pretty much all levels, you are growing, and you are changing. And through it all, there is one certainty, and that certainty is you exist. Pretty much everything else changes around you. So what is a spiritual cycle of growth and change? A spiritual cycle is that process of developing greater understanding and expansion around something that is a theme of learning for you within your particular lifetime. And actually, your soul grows through different cycles as well. 

So a soul may explore a cycle of growth and change over multiple lifetimes to learn about a particular theme from multiple perspectives and yourself within the individual life you’re currently in. 

How Long Is A Spiritual Season?following the path of developing consciousness

You are also exploring different themes of consciousness of understanding. Then, of course, you can go from a state of complete ignorance or difficult seasons in life into the dawning of a fresh understanding into the dawning of a new awareness about something. And then, you can go through a phase of orienting yourself to that new information.

Then you may go through a process of exploring that through the trial and error of trying things out of making different choices around that particular theme. The outcome results from the different choices reflected back at you of this experimentation. This is all to help you on your path of that particular cycle of growth and change until you establish some more profound level of understanding and comprehension about it. 

Then you may begin to relate to others concerning this learning, or you may implement what you’ve learned differently. Finally, you may be on a path where you’re following this in a very passionate way because now you have complete enthusiasm and understanding for it. So it’s a little bit like the rose part or a lotus flower. When it first arises, it gently opens to the sun. And more and more awareness and growth are happening until that growth cycle comes to its completion. Until that growth cycle comes to its complete circuit of growth and change. 

Four Seasons Symbolism

The 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, are great examples of spiritual seasons of life. You can relate your experiences to the “everything there is a season bible verse.” So what does is the “everything there is a season” meaning.

Basically, it means everything appears in its own right timing. Because so often, in a growth cycle, what happens is you may not be in a state of acceptance of where you are. So if you’re in the cycle phase, that’s a bit like winter; nothing much is happening. Everything’s gone to sleep. Everything’s gone underground. That’s where you can give in but don’t give up. You have the opportunity to practice acceptance, to accept where you are, right here, right now. That’s an essential concept; give in but don’t give up.

The key is to accept where you are and so often, what you may find that you do is the opposite. “I’m here, but I should be there.” You know, it’s winter, but it should be summer. Everything’s quiet and resting. Introspection, turning within is necessary. This is the incubation period for new growth. Incubation and a gestational cycle. Being in the now, living in the present, will give you more fulfillment than yearning for the future or pining over the past.

What Are The 4 Seasons Of Life?life is like the seasons

The spiritual season of fall or winter can be challenging. Many want to be somewhere else experiencing something different. Except the truth is that wherever you are is exactly where you are. And if it wasn’t appropriate for you to be there, you would not be there. 

And if you force yourself to be ahead of yourself, that won’t make sense either because you won’t be ready to be there. You will still be wearing your winter clothes, your winter outfit, and it will be summer, and you will be too hot. And you know, it’s not the right timing. So you need to learn to accept where you are. And if you are in the winter, just snuggle up and wait for the cycle to change.

The cycles happen in every aspect of your life. This means spiritual nature as well. Like everything else, relationships, your career, your health, desires, goals, and things you eat go through cycles. 

Well, unless you’re in a state of pure Spirit, your spiritual growth ebbs and flows. Some of you may search for different religions to adhere to. Some may go down the path of more internal spiritual practice, such as meditation. Regardless you or anyone else can’t be in a constant, equal state of spirituality. So again, it ebbs and flows.  

This is true in life. However, in Spirit form, everything exists simultaneously. The Spirit realm is not bound by time or space. It flows continuously and consistently. 

Even though spiritual processes may appear and be employed in this reality, they are constant and unwavering in the Spirit world. Manifestation is a great example.

How To Know What Season You Are In

Manifestation has no season in the Spirit world. The universe is ready at all times to provide you with all your wants, desires, and needs. Yet, you do not receive the result instantaneously and consistently as you are fully aware. Sometimes you receive, and sometimes you don’t receive in a timely manner. This, too, has a season.

One way to ease the different effects of the changes of the spiritual seasons of life is to get in touch with your spiritual nature, your higher self. This will also give you clarity around which season you are in. The tool for this is a daily practice of meditation. To make the most out of your meditation time, practice one that grounds your negative energy and removes it from your being.

Grounding is an energy technique that allows your Spirit to make changes in your life, in your body, and in your energy. So every time, you release and let go. It’s an excellent tool for letting go of unwanted things. However, every time you use it to let go of something, you’re creating change and stimulating a growth cycle. So when you make changes in your spiritual body using energy techniques, you stimulate a growth cycle in your body. Your body needs time to integrate the change. 

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are The 4 Seasons Of Life, The 4 Spiritual Seasons Of Life to understand how your life is full of cycles of change just as the four seasons of nature.  

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Are The 4 Seasons Of Life, The 4 Spiritual Seasons Of Life:

  • I’m curious if I’m in a winter cycle because I feel like I don’t know what I want to manifest. Can you talk a little more about the characteristics of the different spiritual seasons/cycles?
  • I have been honoring my spiritual growth by continuing to learn more about the world and my place in it, as well as managing my own energy. I have encountered some challenges in my life lately and in relationships with others who don’t understand how or why I’ve changed. I have been told that “I’m not like myself” anymore as if it’s a negative thing, but I know otherwise. I don’t let it affect me, I’m not sure how to respond to others regarding their judgment and expectations because sometimes I feel misunderstood, but at the same time, I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation and it doesn’t feel right to explain anyway.
  • ​I feel my seasons are extreme! I go from trying to be very in touch with spirit, to not doing anything to even ground myself, to seeing 1111, 5555, 2222 all-around.
  • ​Can Dr. Lesley take a psychic look at me, please?
  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback and insight.  I love that you said when our light shines, it shows what’s in the darkness,  in ourselves and others.

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