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June 4, 2019

Spiritual Awakening Experiences Through Music UYTI201

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What Is Spiritual Awakening?

You have heard people use the term spiritual awakening experiences about some form of conscious revelation regarding their essence. But what is this process and how does it happen and most importantly why would you want one.causes of spiritual awakening

The basic definition is that it is exactly that a shift or an awakening an indoctrination into expanded consciousness. When one travels this road physical begins to fade. The lies that we tell ourselves about life begin to disappear. Fear and anxiety, as well as all of the other negative states of being begin to become transparent and no longer have a foothold in your life. They are replaced with the powerful vibration of love as well as peace. Worries about the future or the past flitter away like dandelion seeds in the wind and the present become where you live.

Spiritual Awakening Experiences Through Music And More

As you progress through the different levels and stages, spiritual awareness dissipates the clouds, the Maya, that have covered your inner eyes as you begin to understand the truth of life, death, and spirituality. Even The You that you thought you were, comes under scrutiny. Ego takes a backseat to spirituality and the humble search for learning. Your beliefs are no longer strong beliefs that you hang onto.

Spiritual awakening is not the result. It is the starting point. It is more of an uncovering of what is real, truthful, and important to us as spiritual beings. It is the expansion of the connection and awareness of the true you, your higher self.

Spiritual Awakening Experiences And The Spiritual Awakening Process

Is there a plan or a specific procedure of how to have a spiritual awakening? No! The experience is different for everyone. It is even different for you from day today. Each day you wake up from your nighttime repose. Each day is new and different. Spiritual awakening is very similar. You begin to awaken to the experience of you through your body mind and spirit. No one else can do this for you. It isn’t even a new thing. It is more of as remembering because you were always spirit. It is also not instantaneous. It is growth and unfolding into consciousness.

How To Achieve Spiritual Awakening

In our society on the earth at this time change is happening. The emergence of personal conscious awareness is beginning to ramp up. Individuals are seeking something new, something real. They, maybe even you, are undergoing this amazing transformation and experiencing physical signs of spiritual awakening. What are the causes of spiritual awakening? This inquiry and that of how to achieve spiritual awakening are mute questions. Because just the acceptance of the desire to transform to emerge to reconnect to your higher self is your awareness awakening. You have already stepped onto the path taking the first baby steps to spiritual awakening.

Today we have a special treat for you. We speak with a wonderful soul who brings us the gift of her music. Kaliyani Sundari is a Spiritually inspired visionary, author, and facilitator of Sacred Circles. Her commitment to the renaissance of the Sacred Feminine in our collective conscience is reflected in her work as a recording artist.
She says it best in her short bio “Singing came to me unexpectedly, revealed itself suddenly, and undeniably demanded my attention, especially because of the emotionally evocative nature of what was being expressed and the feedback on the juxtaposition between my singing and speaking voices. Many have asked me who is singing with me at the beginning of Nammu’s Invocation…as if there was someone else there… In a sense, it is true since I feel a definite presence with me every time.

In truth, I see it like that instead of singing, I feel I’m actually being sung… this voice comes thru me yet it is in a sense, not mine…”

Here are some questions that we ask Kaliyani regarding Spiritual Awakening Experiences Through Music:how to have a spiritual awakening

  • How do you define yourself as an artist?
  • Tell us about “Tears for Inanna.” What is it about? What does the birth of Tears for Inanna mean to you the most: as a mother, as a leader in the world, as a woman who stands for the Sacred Feminine rising in this time of great need on the planet?
  • How does your spiritual practice inform your work?
  • When and how did you know what your calling was in this lifetime?
  • What inspires your music?
  • What is the ultimate vision you hold for your creative offerings? What is your biggest vision for Tears for Inanna?
  • How does inspiration come through you? How did Tears for Inanna come into existence?
    What keeps you grounded & focused?
  • How involved are you in the production of your videos?
  • What inspired you to delve into the world of women’s spiritual awakening? Was there a catalyst?

She has also brought some of her wonderful music to share with us, Tears For Inanna and Nammu’s Invocation which you can hear on the podcast itself.

You can watch her beautiful videos and hear her soul-stirring songs on her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kaliyani+music
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