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March 26, 2019

Soul Retrieval Techniques For Healing UYT196

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What Is A Person’s Soul?

Are you complete in body soul and spirit? Many individuals are missing pieces of their true essence their soul. Learning how to retrieve your soul fragments using various soul retrievalwhat is the soul made of techniques is not only relevant to your afterlife it can also change your present life experience.

Many people, regardless of religious beliefs, wonder about things concerning their Spirit. One commonality I have encountered is a query about their true nature. the Spirit or Soul as it also may be called. So what is the soul made of? The human soul is energy. It is your Source. It is a stream of consciousness that is you. You and your body are contained within it. It encompasses you. Yet it is more than you because it also encompasses your past lives, future lives, galactic lives, and other inter and multi-dimensional projections of consciousness. Your soul is eternal. It exists outside of time and space and projects energy and consciousness into time and space. A portion of your soul’s energy stream is projected into the unique expression of consciousness that is you.

What is Soul Loss?

You cannot lose all or part of your soul, but you can become less conscious of your spiritual nature. In orienting to physical reality, you focus away from the higher self and onto the physical senses and physical body personality. You develop an ego to help you deal with the challenges of physical life. You develop a “pain body” as a result of traumatic events. They attempt to dominate your reality, to control it, and keep you safe. This results in a loss of awareness of who you are as Spirit and the entity or soul that has created you. You feel disconnected from spirit, but you have not lost your soul. You are contained within your soul.

What is Soul Fragmentation?

While you cannot lose all or part of your soul, you can experience fragmentation. When you experience a traumatic event, your consciousness may leave your body because at that moment the body is an unpleasant place to be. The body feels abandoned and is left to cope with the situation alone without spirit. The ego-pain body is strengthened. The energy of the trauma gets trapped in the body and occupies the space that was meant to be occupied by Spirit. Therefore it can be said that you have lost an original part of yourself. You have become fragmented. The energy that was meant to occupy your space is being occupied by something else.

Projections of Consciousness

Previously we described the soul as consciousness and more specifically as a conscious stream of energy. This energy stream flows in many directions. Your soul projects its consciousness the human soul is energyinto many realities. It is multi-dimensional. There are fragments of your consciousness that exists here and now, but also there and then. Any other life form created by your soul could be called a kind of soul fragment. Your past, parallel, and future lives, existences in other dimensional realities that seem hard to grasp. Yet they are all rivulets of consciousness that belong to the same soul stream. Even spirit guides can be projections of your own consciousness. From your perspective, they might seem like fragments.

Soul Retrieval Techniques

The soul retrieval ceremony itself has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. Shamanic healing techniques were employed to let go of trauma, pain and other emotional wounds, energy blocks, illnesses, self-sabotaging beliefs, and undesired behavior patterns. Shamans believe soul loss is a common cause of illness, and conduct soul retrieval as soon as possible after trauma to put the pieces back together and protect against this possibility.

Fragmented Consciousness And Partial Soul Loss

When trauma is stored in a specific part of the body, if you do not face it and heal it, you might wall it off and pretend it doesn’t exist. This is how illness develops from trauma. You might bury your emotions and not allow them to be processed. You might forget the circumstances of the trauma and even replace it with false memories. This is very common in the case of sexual abuse, and often the false memories are supported by others.

Soul Retrieval Experiences, Reclaiming Lost Energy

It is possible to experience an essential part of your energy that was meant to occupy your body leaving you for various reasons. Soul retrieval is one name used to describe the experience of having that essential part retrieved and returned to you. In the process of soul retrieval, the practitioner locates the energy that is separated by identifying the time, place, and circumstances of the loss. It is also possible to reclaim energy trapped that was tied up in past lives and is stored in specific locations on the planet or has been taken on by other people. This fragmentation can also be representative of the energy that has been tied up on the astral plane and in other realities, depending on where the energy ended up going.

Does Soul Retrieval Work For Healing Trauma?

Retrieving the energy is only part of the process when one looks to heal some form of trauma because the energy needs to not only be received but also reintegrated and retained by the person who is being helped. Healing to clear the pain and trauma and create the space for the energy to reside is essential. If the person is not helped to let go of their barriers, resistances, blocks, and other limits the energy will remain outside the body and will not be integrated.

You can practice soul retrieval on yourself however it may be a bit challenging. You need to retain all aspects of your soul to experience life to it’s fullest. I have encountered many soul retrieval stories from individuals who have had traumatic experiences in their lives that have caused them to become spiritually or emotionally fragmented. An example would be leaving your body during a car crash. This is understandable, but you don’t want to leave parts of yourself, your essence, your soul, hanging out on the highway.

Soul Retrieval Techniques, How To Know This Applies To You?

You may feel like you are missing an important part of yourself and are not quite whole. You may have suffered some kind of physical, emotional, mental, or sexual abuse. This can leave soul retrieval ceremonyyou feeling unworthy, invalidated, judging yourself. Or you may not accept yourself for some unknown reason. These experiences can cause you to lose control of who you truly are. They can result in you not owning your own space completely and separating yourself from yourself.

If you give your energy away to others to please them or put yourself last and everyone else first. If most people in your life also appear to be wounded and fragmented, then this is a sign that you are too because we tend to attract similar people. In these cases, you may also be experiencing fragmentation at some level and require learning soul retrieval techniques for yourself like a soul retrieval meditation or seek out help from someone more knowledgeable.

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What To Expect After A Soul Retrieval And Preventing Recurrence?

Leaving the body during a traumatic event is a kind of self-protection. If you leave the body when about to be punched you don’t experience it fully. However, your body isn’t so lucky. It does experience the event, fully. If you are not present you leave your body vacant and vulnerable. Other energies can take up this space. The best way to prevent fragmentation is to remain present in the body. Obviously, that isn’t possible if you are knocked unconscious in an accident. But if you remain lucid during some form of traumatic experience you can clear the pain as the event is happening and prevent separation or at least soon afterward.

One of the best soul retrieval techniques for these occurrences is to remain present, within the body. The easiest and most powerful way to do this is to be grounded. Spiritual grounding is easy and can be practiced anywhere at any time. It is also a great way to revitalize your emotions after soul retrieval events.

Regardless of why or how you encounter fragmentation, it is important to retain all of your aspects of your soul to experience your life to the fullest so join us as I share Soul Retrieval Techniques For Healing on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth.

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In this podcast you will learn:

  • The difference between spirit and soul metaphysically.
  • How to practice soul retrieval on yourself.
  • What to expect after a soul retrieval?

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