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May 23, 2023

Do You Understand How Soul Contracts Impact Your Life UYT373

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What Is A Soul Contract?

What do you know about soul contracts? What is a soul contract? What isn’t it? The idea is that it is an agreement to participate in your current reality in a particular way. That’s the broadest way you can explain it. Soul contracts impact your lives in many different ways, such as relationships, family, career, health, quality and quantity of life, and more. Anything you do in this life has some form of soul contract attached to it that you made before birth.

Do You Understand How Soul Contracts Impact Your Life?

Types Of Soul Contracts

There are many different types of soul contracts. So, for example, we exist on planet Earth as humans. And there’s a consensus reality that you have all agreed to be here. As a species, we have a soul contract that says these are the general rules of your reality. This is how your reality functions as a whole.

You all have a soul contract with the Milky Way galaxy. So soul contracts are an agreement to participate in a particular reality format, reality experience, or aspect of reality.

You have a soul contract as a species and as individuals. You have a soul agreement with the planet that you are living on. Your planet has a soul agreement with the solar system and so on. So you can take this as big or as small as you want. What most people mean when talking about a soul contract is about your human relationships. But we can have a soul contract with an animal, a group of animals, a plant, or the mineral kingdom. You may even have a contract with the microbes that live in your gut.

There is so much more to these agreements than most people typically mean when they say the word soul contract. But let’s look at a broad perspective on it.

Soul Contract And Godyou have a soul agreement with your higher being, god

So you all have specific agreements you made before you came to this life. One aspect of your soul contract summary is of a spiritual nature. You have a soul agreement with your divine source with your God. You have a soul agreement with your higher being, your soul, your oversoul, your Supreme Being, whatever name you want to call any or all of those things. You have soul contracts with those levels of your being to project yourself into this lifetime.

Life And Your Soul Contracts

And regarding the different themes of exploration, for this lifetime, you have a soul contract about when you will be born and die. And the themes of exploration in between lives.

And, yes, you can also have soul contracts with other humans you have relationships with. And they can be all kinds of relationships. So, for example, it can be a contract with a lover to have a loving, supportive relationship. It can be a contract with somebody to stretch you to the limits. Because life is all about the idea of soul growth.

Soul Growth And Spirit Guides

And talking about soul growth, the other type of individual or collective consciousness that you can have a soul contract with is your spirit guides. Spirit guides are those beings who are helping you evolve in this lifetime and over many lifetimes. So you have contracts with them also. We’ll focus a little on the spirit guide and human contracts.

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Soul Contracts And Animals

You could go big or small on this topic. For example, you could have a contract with a pet. And this is the one most people think of regarding soul agreements with animals. Pets tend to be animals with a high level of soul evolution. They are at the cusp of potentially incarnating as humans.

In this case, they tend to have a contract with you to learn about what it is to be human. They learn more about how to give and receive love. But some animals might agree to be part of the food chain and create an energetic exchange between the species. And that could be in a positive, nourishing way.

Or it could be in a way to pass on some disease that gives a collective experience. So as you can imagine, there are soul contracts that cover all of these types of relationships, the relationships of everything. That could be another way of saying it. What is a soul contract? It’s a contract that covers the relationship of everything.

Why do soul contracts exist? They are, in effect, to help us evolve and to support the expansion of the universe. They provide us with opportunities to grow and expand.

What Might A Soul Contract Include? is everything part of a soul contract

We touched on that a little, but in essence, anything and everything. So if you refer to contracts with a spirit guide, it may be to watch over you and help you evolve over multiple lifetimes.

You could have a spirit guide, where your contract is to work together on healing. Because this guide has a passion for healing and you have a passion for healing, you might have a contract with a guide for you to work together insofar as it serves both your greatest and highest good.

You could have a soul agreement with another type of guide to help you with manifestation. Or another is helping you stretch your imagination as far as possible. And it could be things that you are passionate about or are interested in. So much of this depends on your level of consciousness, really.

If you are a relatively un-evolved person, you might not have the notion of spirit guides. But you will still have guides you have an agreement with and are helping you in the background as best they can. But if you are a relatively conscious individual, the sky’s the limit. You might have many guides that you work with. And the contracts with these spirit guides can be for all your lifetimes, several lifetimes, this lifetime, or a portion of this lifetime.

So the soul contract, if you want to think of it in linear terms, could be as small or big, short or long. And you can also think of it in terms of exploring a specific theme, maybe like that with a healing guide who might help you explore the theme of healing.

People And Soul Contracts special people and family that travel with as a soul group

So you have contracts with spirit guides, and you also have contracts with other humans. You will have a contract with your family group, parents, siblings, or the lack of these individuals. So there’s an agreement between you and your mother and you and your father.

Look around. So what kind of environment have you experienced with your family genetically, emotionally, mental stimulation, cultural background, all of that? So you look for something that will fit your life’s theme to support your growth. There might be many potential choices. And they have to agree as well. So everyone agrees with you coming into and being a child in a specific family structure. And you might explore a few different options, and some might not work out, and then eventually, one does work out, and that’s the one you are having now.

So what was your mother teaching? What was your father teaching you? What were you learning? What kind of lessons did they provide the backdrop for? A simple example might be your mother, who was very concerned about appearances. So you also had to be perfectly turned out. And maybe your father was concerned about intellectual prowess, and you have to be really clever. This may cause you to acquire a perfectionist streak.

You get lessons in perfectionism, competition, expectations, and ego. It sets you up to come face to face with your ego, to work on that, and then transcend it.

Or let’s say you are coming here to learn to receive and help others learn to give. So you might have a contract to come in as a disabled person. And so the agreement with your parents might be that you want to learn how to be loved unconditionally. So this would put you in a position to learn to receive.

Are Soul Contracts Karma? is karma a soul agreements

Again, the sky’s the limit. You can imagine all sorts of different ideas here. And they all would be examples of soul contracts. Yet not all of these predetermined learnings may not be pleasant. So are your soul contracts Karma or karmic in nature?

Some of you do get that feeling, don’t you? That you are coming back again and again, butting heads with the same person over and over? So you think you often travel with the same soul group and have an agreement with your soul group, your soul family, to incarnate together over and over again. And you play different roles for each other. You switch roles in those contracts. So you are helping each other even things out. It is not the lesson that causes the effect or repetition. It is the depth of the learning that is the end result. You could call it Karma, in a way. But it is in no way a punishment. In the simplest form, it is the desire to learn.

The Life Review

So far, what we have been talking about is life planning. You work with your spirit guides, soul groups, and support systems to create a theme for a lifetime that will help you grow. And depending on your soul, your particular interest interests or needs, then you will select some themes, you know, this such as:

  • Exploring healing
  • Expressing your creativity
  • Balancing giving and receiving

Whatever you choose, life planning occurs before you incarnate, and you are formulating a soul contract. And then, the post-death experience or life review occurs after you complete a life. And this is one of the things that people often want to know, “What’s my life purpose?” And then, “Am I living up to the expectation of my life purpose? Have I fulfilled my life purpose?”

So do you get judged at the end? Well, you never get it wrong. And you never get it done. As Abraham Hicks would say, “You are an infinite, eternal being who’s constantly growing and changing. And so there is just experience, which is fodder for the expansion of the soul.” So you set yourself up to explore specific themes, and then you, through your free will, will get to explore those themes. So the concept of Karma, being punished for past life events, is invalid.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do You Understand How Soul Contracts Impact Your Life, and take a look at soul contracts, including soul contracts twin flames, in more detail.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Do You Understand How Soul Contracts Impact Your Life:

  • Tracy – Please explain how the contract is written and how to read your soul contract. Who holds you to the contract? What happens when or if the contract is not fulfilled?
  • CK – How do the Akashic Records play a role in this soul contract process?
  • Andarini – How do we know we are living/executing our contract or exercising our free will?
  • Brian – Can a contract outlive its usefulness? What happens when a soul contract ends? Do both parties have to be involved in dissolving the contract? Can these contracts be dragged from one life to the next, even if they’re no longer needed? I wanted your take on it as a few years ago. I discovered I had a contract with someone that apparently was forged lifetimes ago for a purpose that was no longer relevant in this lifetime. I had someone who helped walk me through dissolving that contract, which was so freeing afterward. I felt so much lighter and hardly ever thought of that person anymore!
  • Tommy – Can your main spirit guides be a future incarnation of yourself? Is that common?
  • T – What happens once a soul master’s life on earth doesn’t need any further physical incarnations? What does a soul’s purpose become?
  • Cole – Those different aspects of the soul certainly explain what happens when people attempt to contact their higher self, future self, etc., for guidance and support!

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