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August 14, 2018

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego? UYT170

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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

So, what are the signs of a big ego concerning your life? Have you ever wondered, “do I have a big ego” about yourself? Hopefully, we will be able to clear that up. A question I am often asked is how I can tell the difference between my intuition and my ego.

what is a big ego
This Fellow Definitely Suffers From A Big Ego

Some of the tell-tale signs of a big ego are easy to notice. One may have a really overactive sense of self-confidence. They may be blind to recognizing their personal flaws. Of course, they would have issues focusing on others over their own self-interests. Me first! Anyone with an inflated ego would find it hard to see someone else’s viewpoint on almost any subject.

If you met someone like this, how would you feel about them? Probably quite annoyed, to say the least. Yet there is hope. An individual that is suffering from an over-inflated ego can change by modifying their behavior, but it takes time as well as the right stimuli.

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego: What Is Ego?

Let’s explore a big ego meaning that we can all understand, as well as how it plays a supportive or non-supportive role in your life…

In psychoanalysis, it is part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. That term is also used to refer to a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. In metaphysics, it can be seen as interfering with spiritual communication and psychic senses. Eckhart Tolle coined the term’ pain body’, meaning the false made self that is an accumulation of pain, fear, false beliefs, and triggered emotions that prevent people from being happy.

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego: What Is A Big Ego?

My definition of ego in the context of what people are actually asking me when they want to know if they are confused between intuition and ego is the body personality construct, being influenced by programming. The programming includes dominant patterns of thought, emotion, memory, belief, and other unconscious or conscious influences; to the degree that they act as filters between the body personality and its higher consciousness (i.e., soul, higher self, spirit)

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego: Does Everyone Have An Ego

Is everyone egotistical in nature? In our human form, we actually need an ego, or at least we benefit from it, so long as it is healthy. I call the do i have a big egohealthy ego the body personality. It’s the character you dress up as this lifetime. Most people have an unhealthy ego because they put on an extra outfit that cloaks the pure light of their own consciousness. That extra layer is made up of the programming mentioned above.

You are an eternal multi-dimensional consciousness who decided to project into this reality to experience an aspect of itself intensively and in isolation from the whole. You are in a self-created, self-directed play as a character you thought would be fun and consciousness-expanding. The idea of the character you are creating in its pure form is the healthy ego. Working correctly sets the boundaries between “the little you” and the rest of you.

What Are Some Signs You Have An Unhealthy Ego?

The voice of the ego can often be hyper-critical, whether it’s the inner critic or the outer judge. The inner critic is the sub-personality that always criticizes you for not being perfect, not living up to expectations, and generally feeling worthless. The outer judge is you projecting what you don’t like about yourself onto others and judging them or believing other people’s judgmental projections coming at you from their ego.
It’s you doubting Thomas. It causes you to question yourself, analyze yourself, and generally nit-pick until you lose self-confidence and ignore your first instincts.

Here are some more characteristics of someone with a big ego or an unhealthy ego construct:

• feel uncertain
• lack of forgiveness
• are overly critical
• judge yourself and others
• feel worthless and incompetent
• are attached to a specific outcome
• apportion blame to yourself or others
• don’t allow the unique perspective of others
• feel righteous and accuse others of being wrong
• are controlled by your thoughts, emotions, fears, pain, anxieties, projections, bad memories

Many mental health professionals might say many of these things are simply a part of the human condition. They are “normal” in the context of what it is to be a human being alive on the planet today. They are not reflective of our potential as divine channels of love and creativity. Rather they are reflections of what it is to be a human with filters that mask our true nature, Spirit.

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego: What are the signs you have a healthy ego?

do i have a big ego
A Woman Hugs Herself

A healthy ego allows you to live as a human with the divine light of your pure consciousness flowing through you. It helps you in practical earthly ways but doesn’t control you. Instead, it allows you, as Spirit or pure consciousness, to be in charge and direct the play of your life. It allows you to play your character in its highest form, operating from love, not hate, creating peace, not war, and being accepting of others without needing to punish them for being different.

You have a healthy ego construct if you:

• Love yourself
• forgive yourself
• validate yourself
• believe in yourself
• are certain about your inner messages
• can act on your intuition without resistance
• allow yourself to have and create what you want
• and can do all of the above for others too

You also have a healthy ego if you set boundaries that neutralize the impact of the unhealthy egos around you. Can be neutral despite what the unhealthy egos think, or believe, say, or do.

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego: What Is The Difference Between Intuition And Ego?

Intuition is the supportive voice that loves you, guides you, always has your best interest at heart, and would never berate you hate you or cause you pain. A healthy ego allows intuition to be heard and acted on.

Ego, in its unhealthy form, is the uncertain voice that doubts you, argues with you, critiques, judges, analyzes, and triggers you. It filters out the still, quiet voice of intuition. This is the eternal you, Spirit, communicating with you, the body personality.

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In this podcast, you will learn:

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego, for an in-depth look at how grounding practices should be an intricate part of your life.

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