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May 17, 2012

Root Chakra Healings For Our Planet

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Why Balance Your First Chakra?

Will Root Chakra healings for our planet help its population in any fashion? Have you found the world full of chaos or at minimum confusion? The first chakra energy deals with duality and clearing this problem at the source. The energy that comes up from the earth can be separate in nature and be confusing like the Yin and Yang. These two distinct energies, each an earth energy, can be united to form a whole using grounding techniques that will release the confusion. When two or more things like energies become one they create a strong foundation and from there transformation can begin.

When a whole is created it then becomes a single powerful entity That is not easily separated again. When this energy becomes one it helps stabilize the other of the seven main chakras which in turn, can stabilize the individual and help clear beliefs. These chakras are responsible for every aspect of our make up. From this point, humans with strong positive beliefs can change the world we live in, in many ways.

Are Root Chakra Healings The Way to Survive On Planet Earth?

As mentioned in previous articles on the first chakra, this energy contains your information about survival in the physical world. In this article, I explore the generalunderstanding the importance of environment protection ways in which humans approach survival on planet earth. Think of it as a kind of species-wide first chakra program.

Mankind, as a species, has developed many ways of interacting with the physical world which can be considered dysfunctional.

There are more people on the planet today than at any other time in written history. The rate of reproduction in undeveloped nations is very high and the population continues to grow. There are many countries where the number of people under the age of 18 outweighs the number of adults in the population. Yet at the same time opportunities for employment, earning money, and surviving according to the western model are few and far between. So they survive by living off the land.

In developed nations, we believe we must survive, on planet earth, by controlling the resources of the planet. We own the land and have turned vast tracts of it into factories, mines, and monocultures. We consume enormous amounts of the world’s natural resources in our pursuit of more.

We also think that we can only survive if we have leaders, laws, police, and armies that control the populace. That somehow we are animals that need restraining should our instincts be allowed to dominate.

The distribution of wealth is imbalanced, on planet earth, with a very small percentage of people holding the majority of the wealth. We believe that abundance is limited and this keeps most people on a treadmill of a 9-5 job to pay for their survival needs such as food, water, heating, and mortgage.

Do you recognize these beliefs within yourself?

The good news is they are only beliefs, they are not the truth and beliefs can be changed.

You can get to know your beliefs and change them through meditation. A root chakra healing meditation for grounding is a very powerful technique that helps you connect with yourself and beliefs about the physical world, as I mentioned earlier, and then you can use the flow of energy down your grounding cord to release beliefs that are not helping you, your fellow humans or planet earth. Centering is one of the other powerful root chakra healing techniques that allows you to review your beliefs and those of others from a neutral perspective.

So what is Root Chakra healing? If you would like to know more this article covers it in more detail.

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  1. Hi, I’am new here. I’am very interested in meditation. I started to meditate 2 weeks ago and 1 week ago started to meditate on chakras. So My questions are: 1) Is it dangerous to meditate on chakras everyday few times in the morning and in the evening? 2) I heard that some people got traumas or gone insane, because they meditated on chakras in wrong way, is that possible? 3) I meditated on chakras 6 or 7 days and it feels good, but now I’am scared, please give Me some advices.

    1. Hello – Meditating on your chakras is a great way to get to know yourself as spirit. I do recommend you learn how to ground and center first though. This will help you not to feel afraid and to be neutral about what you experience as you explore these powerful energy centers. Grounding is a flow of energy you create from your first chakra to the center of the earth. It will help you to feel safe in your spiritual explorations. Centering is the technique of placing your conscious awareness in the center of your head (in your sixth chakra) and this will help you to be neutral and non judgmental about yourself and your experiences. Another tip is not to open your crown chakra too wide (about 10% is actually enough). If it is too open then you can start to feel confused because you may be experiencing the energy of others as opposed to yourself and God.

  2. I have been working with your book the Midas Tree and am finding it very interesting and so different from what I have been doing for many years. What is the reason for this type of grounding over the roots coming out of your feet going into mother earths core. What other benefits can occur with all the directions in your book? Ixchel 28th July 2014 @ 7.45 pm

    1. Hello Ixchel – Thank you for your comments about the techniques taught in my book. In the book I teach grounding from the first chakra. This is an energy center located near the base of the spine that contains your information on physical reality – so how to survive in a body in the physical world. By grounding from this chakra you are able to anchor your high vibration consciousness into your body in a safe way. You bring yourself into the present moment and become more conscious and in charge of your life. There are too many techniques in the book to list them all here, but even if you only learn grounding you have the power to completely transform your life because it is also a conduit to let go of pain, fear, hate, judgement, self limiting beliefs, difficult memories and more. It helps you release the darkness and bring in the light. Its great that you also ground from your feet – in fact I suggest you do both. However instead of creating a diffuse root system create g rounding cords from the arches of the feet to the center of the earth. This will stabilize you even more – try it – its like standing on a tripod!

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