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April 1, 2017

Release The Emotional Pain, Surrender – It Is Not Futile – UYT069

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Surrender And Release The Emotional Pain But Never Give Up Your Joy!

Release the emotional pain and surrender so you can stop fighting and start enjoying! So many people have issues with emotional pain and seem to think there is no way out of that dark tunnel. So are you one of these individuals that have hit the proverbial wall with any of releasing emotions stored in the bodyyour life challenges? It is not fun! Maybe you are living in a state of constant fear for some reason that you actually don’t understand or maybe you do but can’t seem to control.

I understand this not only from meeting with my students and clients but also from personal experience along this life’s path. Life tends to test us more occasionally than we may really have the desire to experience. What do you do in regards to an emotional release technique when you are stricken with pain, emotional, spiritual, or even physical? I am sure that many people will tell you to fight through the pain of an emotional desert. Others will suggest you surrender and medicate in some form to release the pain. Emotional acceptance is not usually a suggestion that you will and understandably we feel that it is not necessarily all that easy to do when you are in pain though.

We all go through these challenges at times and thankfully, mostly come out the other end. However, the passage through does not always feel good at the time. Yet when you look back on your life you can thread these negative experiences together with the positive ones and see how they lead to who you are today. This is why, letting go, surrendering and releasing the pain, releasing emotions stored in the body is so important. You do not want to get stuck somewhere in your existence, never growing!

When we get stuck in our lives there are usually signs of emotional avoidance that rise to the surface. We can usually see them in others but they do not necessarily become evident in our own lives even we try to coerce them to show their faces. Emotional avoidance symptoms can be seen readily by an intuitive during a reading. Once they become overt you can look begin healing and be monitored for changes. One choice that you should never allow as an option is to give up.

Surrendering or giving in is not the same as giving up. Giving up does not allow you to move forward whereas, when you accept your emotions and give in, surrender does bring you to the state of being able to make a change. The difference is that one is spiritual and the other physical or ego-based. Spirituality is not just a religious-based concept. It actually is everybody’s true nature and it has a strength that cannot be duplicated in the ‘world’. This is where all your strength lay.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why it is important to let go.
  • How surrender is important to your spiritual growth.
  • How to get through the rough spots in life.
  • How to release emotions bottled up.
  • How to release emotions by crying, why it works.
  • How to accept negative emotions but give up to the negativity.

Come and join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Release The Emotional Pain Surrender – It Is Not Futile, and learn how to recognize the difference between what the spiritual beings we are can overcome and what the human aspects of our nature cannot.

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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. Hello

    I enjoyed this podcast a lot. I came to your site because I’m looking for more support for my emotional release journey. I’ve learned a few techniques over the years, and those techniques have been the jewel of my life. That being said, I have this question:

    I could easily label myself as a love/sex addict. I’ve gone to some 12 step meetings recently. Since the age of 5 up until recently, I’ve always had a fixation on a man in my life, sometimes multiple men, and I spend a lot of time fantasizing, obsessing, and mentally enmeshing my life and being with theirs. There is never much of a break between engagements, the term “serial monogamist” could apply. Recently when I was physical with a man, I decided to tune into my core feeling center. This was novel because typically, in a situation like that, I am anxiously/gleefully riding the adrenaline of the moment. When I looked inside, during the act, I felt a startling numbness. I really couldn’t tell what I was feeling, whether I was happy or sad. I did notice a kind of resignation to the joylessness of the act. It’s hard to describe, but since i spend so much time obsessing, when the act is happening in the moment, it may be a kind of a let down.

    WHen I was a teenager, this was a rampant, vicious cycle I lived in. Now I’m 31. My emotional release techniques have helped so much, I don’t have words to give it justice. Before in my life, this cycle was emotionally violent towards myself, now its just uncomfortable based on how I can live peacefully in other realms of life.

    Thanks in advance for reading this message. I looking for clarification on how to move forward, and how to tell if I”m really ready for sex with someone, and lastly, and most importantly, how do I handle the emotional fall out the day after I have sex. That fallout feeling has lead me to deeply attach to the partner in the past. That is precisely the behavior i’d like to leave behind.

    Any guidance is so appreciated. Thank you for this podcast, and thank you for caring about helping people.

    1. Thank you for your question Jenny – I will add it to the list of questions for the radio/show podcast and answer it that way. Your answer should appear on UYT170 which will be next weeks podcast.There was a similar question from a man that was recently answered in the free card reading draw. https://drlesleyphillips.com/free-card-readings/how-do-i-overcome-lust-and-desire-for-sex/ and we also asked a relationship expert Dr. Noushin the same question on the next Podcast Episode UYT169 https://drlesleyphillips.com/category/podcast/

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