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January 12, 2024

What Happens After Death – Is There Proof Of Life After Death UYT124

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What Happens After Death?

Is there proof of life after death? This is one of the most profound and emotion-provoking questions humans can ask. So what happens after death? Is there an afterlife? What happens when you die? What happens after death to the soul? These are all very pertinent and emotion-stirring questions. However, an excellent place to begin is answering two fundamental questions: what is life and death?

What Happens After Death – Is There Proof Of Life After Death?

Life Before Death

From a general perspective, there’s just one eternal existence. So, life and death, in a way, are human concepts or concepts of a physical being who doesn’t live forever in the physical body. Let’s start with some truths that you can all identify with. Here are some statements. Examine how you feel about them.

You exist in the present moment. You exist in the present moment, vibrating with energy that attracts your reality. You are part of all that is, and all that is is within you. So, you exist in the present moment, here, and now. At least, this is true if you think of your body. Where is your body?

It’s here, and it’s now. Have you ever been conscious of not existing? Not to your knowledge? You have always existed while you have been conscious. And has your body ever been anywhere else other than here and now? No, it’s always been here and now.

Your Life Is A Constant Reflection Of Youyou are a refelction of the energy you put out

And then you get into the Law Of Attraction. It states that you are a vibrational energy being constantly putting out an energy signature or frequency. And those of you on the spiritual path know that the universe is based on reflection. So what you get showing up in your life reflects what you have put out.

And you are part of the “all that is.” And the “all that is” is within you. You are all unique fragments of the one divine consciousness. So apart from that, everything else is changeable. And everything else does change.

You change from one incarnation to the next. You are constantly growing and changing while incarnated in a body on Earth. So, change cycles of growth are also an underlying truth of your reality. Nothing stays the same apart from you continuing to exist, or you seem to. You are always in the present moment, or you seem to be. And your life is a reflection of who you are. And whether you know it or not, you are God.

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Is There Life After Death?

What do humans think about when they think about life after death? What you call life as humans is living in the physical, in a physical body in the physical reality of Earth. That’s what you say life is. And what you call death is leaving the physical body and leaving the earthly realm. That’s what you call death.

You, therefore, exclusively validate life through physicality and your physical beingness. So, a dead body is not animated. What happens after death to the soul, your spirit? Your spirit is a mystery to you. Where does it go? What happens? And when you see the dead body of someone who has passed away, you tend to wonder if they still exist. And it’s one of humans’ big questions throughout the ages.

All sorts of belief systems have been created around it. All religions and many nonreligious groups have developed beliefs about it. If you are an atheist or an agnostic, you might say, well, you are alive, and then you simply cease to exist. If you are a Christian, you could believe in Heaven and Hell and perhaps resurrection. Many people seek proof of heaven. If you are a Hindu, you believe in cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. And there are other belief systems. So, there are many belief systems regarding life after death.

Religious Dogma About What Happens In The Afterlifereligion and their belief systems around proof of life after death

And suppose you come into this world and end up belonging to a religion or becoming a scientist. In that case, you end up with a particular belief system about life after death. Mostly, you must hold it on faith because how do you know? You know, you exist. You know you are here. And now, you know that nothing has ever changed for as long as you have been conscious. But how do you know these things exist?

So, interestingly, many religions have a belief about resurrection or reincarnation. Most of them do. The Hindus, the Muslims, and the Jewish faith as well have a version of that. And even the original Christian teachings included concepts of reincarnation. Throughout the ages of man, religions have tried to guide people in their beliefs about God and the afterlife.

That’s what the Egyptian Book of the Dead is. That’s what the Tibetan Book of the Dead is. A form of guiding people through the death process, what they need to do, what might happen, or who they might meet along the way. It attempts to describe the death process and navigate people through it.

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So, what do you believe about death? This is important to ponder. Remember, you create your reality through your beliefs. And this is true about death. And it’s true during life and death, as well. So what does that mean? That means that you can create your death experience according to the beliefs that you are holding. Reality is a projection of your consciousness. So, if you have certain beliefs about death, that might be your immediate experience when you die. It may be exactly what you expect to happen.

Because what you believe about death may also be a determining factor in your next life, these beliefs could set a certain trajectory that continues in the afterlife and into the next incarnation. Again, it depends on the individual and your beliefs. You find yourself in whatever view of heaven that you expect it to be in. And that can be an illusory experience. Eventually, your spirit guides will help you transition out of that.

What Happens After You Die? is there an afterlife

Now, does this happen to everyone? Again, it may be. It depends on your beliefs. Some people find themselves out of their bodies but know that they’re dead, yet still being in the world. Or people who find themselves outside of their body and they don’t know they’re dead, and find themselves in the world. Right.

So what happens immediately when you die? Once more, it depends, and it’s different for everybody. And it’s not the same for every lifetime that you live.

So, let’s talk about the transition out of the body. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make that transition between the physical world and the nonphysical world. This is true whether you are on the way in or on the way out. It takes an enormous amount of energy to transition from the nonphysical into the physical or vice versa.

If you are sensitive to energy and have ever been in a room with a dying person, you might have noticed that the energy is palpable. The energy is very high. Indeed, it has to be to fuel this process. Often, death can be very peaceful and doesn’t have to be awful. It’s a natural process. There comes a point when a person’s energy is released from their body. And as a sensitive person who’s in the room, when that happens, you can feel it. You can feel that person being released into a higher vibrational state. You can feel that high-vibration energy in that presence in the room.

Before death, the person does start to withdraw their energy from their body. And that is also something that depends on the person. It could be that it starts a few days before. It could be a few weeks before. It could be months or a year before. Think about the people who have Alzheimer’s or another neurodegenerative disease. Their consciousness is withdrawing over an extended period. This is different than someone who has a sudden death.

The soul can start withdrawing energy from a particular life, and it can be a sudden or protracted experience. And often, that will happen when somebody is looking at leaving. They will send messages to their relatives through dreams. Or even they might start to have a feeling that death is coming. They might feel protective about it. They might say things like, “I don’t think I’ll be here for much longer.” So there is a leading up to the death, which is different for everyone. Just like everyone’s life is unique, everyone’s birth is unique, and so is everyone’s death.

Death And Grief is there life after death

Most people are programmed about the grief relating to death. Death can be a very happy, joyous experience. This person is emerging into the higher vibrational state and is truly relieved from what they may have been going through. And then, in that time, afterward, there might be visitations. The parted might visit relatives to let them know what’s happened. You might see them in your dreams or have waking visions of them.

People tend to shy away from the topic of death. It is not a conversation piece that people participate in. Generally, it’s feared. So, this energy can translate into grief. Death is strange. However, it’s just another transition, and most of you fear it. Entertaining conversations about death or dying, how you feel, is acceptable. Because powerful emotions are involved, many of you are keeping them inside. Emotions will eventually expose themselves.

The physical body’s biggest fear is death. Spirit doesn’t mind. You know, you are in, you are out, you are in, you are out. The body is very frightened by it. Grief is your way of coping with this unknown adventure.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Happens After Death – Is There Proof Of Life After Death, and you may clarify some of the questions you have about where does the soul go after death.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Happens After Death – Is There Proof Of Life After Death:

  • May – I now know life continues.
  • Brian – Is that why some people seem to recover, almost like they’re getting better before dying? Is this the energy coming in for that transition?
  • Karina – Yes, we are programmed to fear death.
  • Cole – I believe death centuries ago it used to be more accepted as part of life. People kept skulls on their desks. They were laid out before their burial in the family home rather than a funeral parlor, that kind of thing.
  • Karina – Can souls stop reincarnating?
  • Karina – Thank you … your answer makes sense.
  • Zachary – I feel a strong Palladian connection from other lives or my current one.
  • Zachary – When my mom passed, I heard John Denver’s Annie’s Song for 3 months, day and night. It was special.
  • BC – I have a related question about the topic of being outside the body and not knowing they are dead. It reminds me of ghosts, but what are residual hauntings? Where somehow the environment has ‘recorded ‘some event, sometimes something as mundane as getting a morning cup of coffee. People see it, and it seems like a ghost, but there’s no consciousness, no interaction. It’s like watching a recorded movie and replaying it under certain circumstances. What are they, and how do they occur?
  • BC – Yes, fascinating, thank you.
  • May – I had an extreme fear of dying because I feared it would be incredibly boring.
  • BC – I hear you, Corry. I was always concerned with dying when I was younger. I didn’t want to suffer!
  • Dennis – In a normal death, does the onion peel from the inside or outside?

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