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October 29, 2019

The Power Of Angels In Your Life UYTI220

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What Are Angels?

Before we start to discuss the power of angels let’s talk a little about what they are. We use the you can learn how to see angels and spiritsterm angel when we speak about someone who is a really wonderful individual. Someone selfless and kind. Someone who just wants to be of help and service with no thoughts of reward.

The reason that we use the term angel for these lovely people is that they are actually emulating actual angel attributes.

We see references to angelic beings everywhere in today’s society. They are on television. You read about them in books. You see them in the movies. Mostly when we think about these beings we think about guardian angels. Many of us even have images, statues, or pictures of guardian angels in our home depicted as winged seraphim angels. You may have been told or believe that they are sent to protect our residences and children. So is this truth or fiction?

Where Do Angels Come From?

So are angels sent from God? Different types of angels are mentioned in the bible in many places. Everything from a choir of angels singing to powerful supernatural archangels. Again the bible refers to many different types of angels and demons as well. The most infamous of these being Satan.

The story is that Satan was the angel of light who sat with God. He chose to disagree with one of God’s plans and was cast out of heaven along with a large host of other angels that followed him.

Do Angels Exist?

In the metaphysical realm, many people do not necessarily believe all the concepts related to God as a supreme being sitting on a glorious throne. He is an old white hair and bearded being making decisions of who is rewarded for doing good and punished for doing bad. I am referring to being sent to heaven or hell of course. He has also determined the role of angels in our lives.

Angels are real they may just not be exactly what the bible has us envisioning. You may have beautiful pictures of angels in heaven in your mind. They are sitting around playing harps or surround the “throne of God”. So what are angels like? Actually, many of you have had visits from spirits that you have not recognized that are actual angels.

These beings come to you as you would have them do. If that is with wings they come with wings. They come to help you. They are your spirit guides and coaches. They help you heal. They help you find answers to difficult questions. They help you find your keys and yes even get parking spaces.

How Do Call On The Power Of Angels?how to command angels to work for you

Just knowing that angels are real and they exist to help you does not necessarily call them forth for you. However, learning how to command angels to work for you is very simple. Just ask them for the help you require.

One easy way to introduce yourself to your angels or vice versa is to meditate to do that. During meditation, you reconnect with the actual Spirit that is you. You remember the adage, “you are not a human having spiritual experiences, you are Spirit having human experiences”.

In the meditative state the veil between the spirit world and your human reality thins. It is much easier to communicate with angels here. One reason is that if an angel in any form just appeared before you you would probably think you were going absolutely mad. If you didn’t probably anyone you told would.

An Angelic Visitation True Story

Today our guest is Keith Leon who is more than a multiple best-selling author, a book publisher, and a speaker. He has recognized his life purpose and that is his book called, Walking With My Angels: A True Story.

Do angels really exist? Keith will tell you that they do. He comes to our show to share how and why they can help you fulfill your purpose.

He feels that our current world is filled with fear, strife, and pain for many people. His book Walking with My Angels is is a message of good news: basically that you can source peace within. You can actually experience authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Experience The Power Of Angels To Change Your Life

Keith has had a challenging upbringing. As he says “it was rife with poverty, bullying and poor grades is a tough scenario for anyone to overcome. Add to that an early adulthood impacted by substance abuse and difficult life lessons including several near-death experiences, and you’ve got what most may view as a life destined for failure.” However, he managed to turn it around and will tell you that it was all with the help of his angels.

His life has drastically changed. He has also received a message from his angels that he would pass the message along within a book which would have a strong effect on the lives of those who read it.

Here are some of the questions we ask Keith:

  • How did you first connect with angels?
  • Your childhood and adolescence were full of challenges. Do you think you would be in the position you are in today without those experiences?
  • You mention in your book that your mother accepted your conversations with angels and had premonitions as well. Do you credit her support and understanding as a reason you kept a relationship with your angels during your childhood?
  • What are some ways people can use angels to overcome drug addiction?
  • What was the message you received thirty years ago about writing Walking With My Angels?
  • What inspired you to write Walking With My Angels at this time?
  • In what ways is this book important for our time?
  • How can connecting with angels help change the world?
  • How does the book help the reader connect with their angels?

One special gift that has entered Keith’s life is the passion for introducing people to their inner guidance system whom he calls “heavenly helpers”.Keith also has another passion we discuss. He is also well known for teaching people how to go from first thought to bestseller, and to create what he calls, the world’s greatest business card just as he did.

If you have ever thought that you had a book in you and did not know how to get it out join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth The Power Of Angels In Your Life. This interview is a must.

You can learn more about Keith at http://www.leonsmithpublishing.com/

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