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January 16, 2012

Have You Been Feeling Overly Emotional Lately? It Could Be Cosmic Energy.

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Have You Been Feeling Out Of Sorts Lately?

Hello – how are you doing after the cosmic shift in the universe, which was mainly an energy shift? Have you been feeling overly emotional lately? It may be due to the recent massive shift in the earth’s cosmic energy. Being overly emotional may be one of the symptoms of these energy shifts & ascension and are totally expected.

What Is This Cosmic Shift?

Everyone is aware of the hype around the conclusion of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Even though cosmic energy shift has caused energy shifts in the body and emotionsearth did not end as many thought it would there changes have been occurring. Regardless of the difference between the many beliefs amid many of the ancient cultures throughout the world in history, most seem to have agreed on one point. As a global society, we are currently experiencing a great shift in consciousness.

You and everything else in the universe is made up of energy. This energy creates an electromagnetic field around each of these independent pieces of the whole. This field is called an aura. The earth has an aura. This field of magnetism flows between its poles. This field of electromagnetic energy shields our planet from solar flares as well as something else that most people forget.

All energy tends to mingle. This means that together with the earth our auras and thoughts, which are energy as well, co-mingle becoming one pattern that makes up the Earth’s combined consciousness.

You have heard that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is fading. For many different reasons, this is quickening. One of two things will happen as per our scientific community; one the earth will flip or two this decaying will correct itself. What would happen energetically to our collective conscious if the poles did reverse? No one has the answer to that question. One thing is certain, our personal electromagnetic fields are being affected as well.

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How Is This Cosmic Shift Affecting Us?

Our solar system, as well as the other heavenly bodies within it, are all experiencing these extreme shifts for scientific various reasons I won’t go into here. However, the important thing is that they are acting upon each other. This has been happening for decades now and will last for a few more until about the beginning of the 22nd century (2100 approximately). It easy to say that we are definitely are experiencing astronomically unique times.

This shift of the Earth’s electromagnetic field energy is sending us spinning into a new existence. Our spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies are being affected as individuals as well as a collective. We have an opportunity to wake up. One of the major effects of this shift is that each of your emotions is being affected.

People Are Becoming Overly Emotional

You have all experienced this cosmic phenomenon and you are adjusting to it. On a spiritual level, it’s a great energy shifts in the body and emotionsopportunity as an opening to your ultimate source, Spirit, on a new level. Look for signs of the crown chakra opening as well as more 5th dimension ascension symptoms.

Yet on a physical level, you may be feeling other energy shift symptoms over and above experiencing being over-emotional like being fearful or generally out of sorts. Your physical body needs time to adjust to any shift in the energy frequency around you and your reality is shifting like never before.

Symptoms Of The Cosmic Shift

Your energy system is being affected. Because this shift has occurred slowly you may not have noticed drastic changes in you yourself personally. However, you may have noticed this in the world around you and the news.

Here are some of the more prevalent signs of this energy shift that you have experienced or recognized in others.

  • Heightened empathy
  • A shift in the perception of time
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Personal energy level shifts
  • Increased headaches
  • Becoming over sensitive emotionally and physically
  • Intensified desires
  • Increased levels of psychic abilities especially intuition

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We Are Shifting Universal Gears

I liken it to driving a car at comfortable cruising speeds and then shifting up a gear and driving much faster. It can be frightening and trying to stay on top of things requires extra vigilance. Luckily we have spiritual techniques to help us cope with energy shifts in the body, especially with the important vibrational shifts. In yesterday’s blog article I talked about grounding, which involves creating a flow of energy from near the base of your spine to the center of the earth. This will help you stay in balance through this energy shift and those yet to come.

It’s An Invitation For Personal Transformation

Along with this cosmic, energy shift comes an emergence of a new level of knowledge about everything in our universe, on our planet, and our lives. It is like the original book of knowledge has been turned on its head. Will actual ascension of the human race occur, is a topic in many new ager’s conversations. What we thought we knew is no longer true and these new realizations are reverberating through each of us in many ways. This is an opportunity to shift our world on all levels, in each individual, and all the systems on this planet (finance, food, health, energy, education). Among specific areas of change, your current spiritual energies should be considered. It is an opportunity for you to change what is not working and replace it with something new and more beneficial.

It offers you the opening to embrace the nature of freedom and to be the unique spirit you are and release your pain and limits!

We are being supported by many spiritual beings in this massive growth cycle, so remember, if have you been feeling overly emotional lately ask for help. Stay tuned for more ascension updates!

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  1. I came to this article by way of CDM. I am a minister through there from a long time ago (1985). I was checking back in to see what is current as I am ready to create in a new way in my life. I like the simplicity and clarity of what you wrote. Change in all sectors. I am being called into Chaplain work in healthcare. Blessing to you and all that you touch. Ann

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