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Are You Spirit With A Body Or Visa Versa?

Is there a mind, body, spirit connection or are they are different and not interrelated? So, are you are your body or are you mind or maybe you are your Spirit? This is a question that is asked often by many people on many different paths, spiritual or not.

One Word For Mind, Body And Soul Connection, YOU…man is a spirit with a soul and body

Well, you may think that what is reflected in the mirror or what others see when they look at you is all that you are? There is much more there than meets the human eye. Within you there is a soul, a spirit being as well as mental and emotional bodies also. OK, which is the real you? Are you Spirit or corporal entity? Well, that all depends on where your focus and attention lies in a way. Regardless you are definitely Spirit. That is how you came in and that is how you will return.

What Is A Spirit?

There is a well-used adage that has become very popular in the metaphysical community. “Youman is a spirit with a soul and body are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being having a spiritual experience.” The very concept relates to and is accepted in most spiritual followings. The basic understanding that you can glean from this is that you are definitely Spirit.

If you recall the biblical meaning of spirit you will understand that there are lots of types of spiritual beings yet they are just that Spirit and do not have the gift of a physical Body. These include but are not limited to the following…

  • Guardian Angels
  • Archangels
  • Spirit Guides
  • Ascended Masters
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Elemental Spirits

Mind Body Spirit Connection: Man Is A Spirit With A Soul And Body

However, the vehicle for that Spirit is your body and is critical to your existence. So how does body versus spirit come into play? First, the body is a biological organism created by you to sustain your life force energy that is guided mostly by your mind whose job it is to keep you alive and safe. Many people go about life ignoring their vehicle just as much as they do their spirit. Being present in your physical form is important as is the spiritual equivalent.

When you take care of your body it can help keep your mind sharp and healthy. As you keep your mind clear you can free the recognition of your spirit and the gifts that come with it. However, in the Metaphysical and religious realms, this concept is often forgotten. Individuals want everything spoonfed and totally apparent. Where does the challenge ort the learning lay if you don’t have to do anything to access it? Don’t get me wrong I like ease as much as the next person. The other thing I would like to say about this is that accessing your spirit is not all that difficult. I will explain just how to do so a little later on.

Is The Mind Body Spirit Connection Really Important?

Your body is the only dwelling that will ever be truly yours, and, yet, it is only a temporaryis there one word for mind body and soul abode. With this being true would that not lead to making sure that you take care of it. Your Spiritual health has much to do with your physical health. If you knowingly fill your body with poisons it will definitely spill over to your mind and spirit. You know as well as I do this makes absolute sense. The mind, body, and spirit along with your emotional body are like the four legs of a table. If one of these legs is a different length or not as strong as the others the table will wobble or even tumble.

If you truly are searching for a way of how to be more spiritual understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit is imperative. Keeping your mind and body in tune vibrationally makes sense. You know what happens when your vibration or that of a friend or partner is off how that can throw off your whole existence. Is it not worth the investment of a good healthy lifestyle and developing a strong personal ethic that flourishes on wellness and health? This, of course, will not be the same for everyone. Just as our bodies are different so are our minds and Spirit in a sense. This is why I used the term personal ethics.

You all don’t do yoga or meditate nor go to spiritual feeding in some sort of religious establishment. The idea is that you actually act. Do some form of physical or mental activity that will elevate you, in turn, allowing you to become more intimate with your Higher Self, Spirit.

How To Create Connection Between Mind Body And Spirit

One of the easiest, simplest, most beneficial activities you can carry out on a regular basis is meditation. Regular meditation practice is a turnkey to open the door to a healthy body, mind, and soul. It takes no special equipment or physical acuity. It is free. It is completely safe and harmless for your body, mind, spirit. Did I mention it is easy? Meditation is the fastest way to facilitate the mind, body, spirit healing.

Why is this so? The answers are in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Mind Body Spirit Connection. Join us and learn who you truly are.

In this podcast, Mind Body Spirit Connection you will learn:

  • The differences and the mind, body, soul, spirit connection.
  • How to have the two work together to create a happy fulfilled life.
  • Why having the two relate is important.

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