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September 13, 2022

What Are The Most Apparent Kundalini Awakening Symptoms UYT344

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What Is Kundalini Energy?

Most of you have questions about Kundalini Energy, Kundalini Awakening signs, Kundalini Awakening symptoms, Kundalini blockage symptoms, and even Kundalini Awakening dangers. So it seems appropriate to start with an explanation of what Kundalini is. Simply put, it is your life force energy.

What Are The Most Apparent Kundalini Awakening Symptoms?

Kundalini: An Untold Story In The Most part

The Kundalini lifeforce energy is available to everybody. Even the planet has a specific life force energy. In other words, the planet has Kundalini. This incredible energy, Kundalini, is also considered to be a neutral spiritual energy. It is a powerful transformational force. It will spiritualize your system.

So when your Kundalini awakens, it will take everything in its path and raise it to a higher vibration. That is its job. It’s a spiritualizing force and helps bring body and Spirit together. Sometimes that can be a pleasant experience. And sometimes it might be unpleasant depending upon the person and the circumstances.

Your Kundalini is coiled near the base of your spine. And when it’s activated, it has a major pathway up the spine. This is not always an instantaneous experience. The Kundalini awakening experience and the control of this energy can take many lifetimes to achieve mastery.

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Kundalini Benefits

Kundalini energy, life force energy, touches many parts of your life. And here are some of the things that Kundalini can help you with.

  • It helps you raise your vibration.
  • It can help you enhance any energy.
  • It can help you amplify your spiritual or psychic abilities.
  • It can help you tap into and fulfill your life’s purpose.
  • It will clear everything in the way of your being in alignment with your higher being. So it helps you attain spiritual freedom.
  • It helps with clear communication.
  • It will help you release limits.
  • It can even help you experience spiritual ecstasy, eternal peace, timelessness, wholeness, and other qualities of the Spirit.

Another thing you could say about Kundalini, because it is lifeforce energy, is that it is involved in transformation. So if you look at the human life cycle, there is a transformation. There are new beginnings and transitions from one stage of life to another. So Kundalini is the life-giving, life-affirming, transformational force that helps you make those changes.

Physical Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakeninga kundalini awakening experience is birth

Kundalini has a role throughout your life. However, one of the most potent transitions that have to do with physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening is birth.

Conception is one example of when there is a major trans transformation because now Spirit is becoming a physical entity in the physical world. The process of birth is a very transformative and high-vibration process. Kundalini is involved in birth, in the new soul being born into the body. That involves Kundalini.

So you have the high vibration of Spirit moving into the density of physical matter. And then the next part is gestation. So when the new body is growing in the womb, your Kundalini energy is vital for that growth to happen.

The next major transition is puberty. This change from being a child into an adult is significant. Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and its hot flashes, are all physical experiences that relate to the physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini Benefits And Dangers

Kundalini energy can be involved in amplifying your psychic abilities. First, it helps you transform on a spiritual level, moving out all the lower, denser vibrations that you have in your system. Then it aids in fulfilling your purpose. If you have prepared your body, it is much easier to go through and accept the kundalini awakening stages.

For example, suppose you are someone who meditates, especially grounding meditation or kundalini meditation. In that case, you will find the kundalini awakening symptoms much milder. When you are already on your path of cleansing and clearing your system, consciously running your Kundalini is a natural next step.

It is not such a leap for the body to handle that energy level because you have already been preparing it. You have already cleaned and removed some of the blockages to raise your system’s vibration.

Kundalini Awakening Horror Storieskundalini benefits and dangers

So Kundalini Energy can help with many positive things. But you have probably heard scary stories about Kundalini. About people going through nightmare kundalini awakening symptoms and experiences. That only happens if the body isn’t prepared to channel this high vibration energy. What happens, then?

Those nightmare-type experiences happen when you have a spontaneous Kundalini awakening and have not prepared your body correctly. So this is where a Kundalini meditation comes into play.

I teach an in-depth Kundalini course. One of the prerequisites is to first take Unlock Your Intuition course. During Unlock Your Intuition, you will learn to run other energies, such as Earth and cosmic energy, through your system. You will spend time healing yourself and working with that energy on that level. And only then will you learn to run your Kundalini. This process ensures that it is a positive experience.

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Kundalini Awakening Gone Wrong

However, if you do not prepare yourself first, it can be something that is experienced as painful. It can cause physical pain. Why? If you do not clear your system, your will already have some negative energy locked in your system. Then when the powerful force of Kundalini energy hits that, it can cause physical pain and symptoms of physical pain.

Negative Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Other symptoms are intense experiences, such as extreme emotional experiences. Negative kundalini awakening symptoms can include inappropriate behavior. It can cause any problems you are having at the time to be exacerbated, amplified, and made worse. In addition, you may experience unexplained body phenomena.

You may feel disassociated from reality. This can include instantaneously vacating your body. You may encounter an enhancement of unwanted energies. So quite a lot of things can happen if you are not prepared. There can be physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of a Kundalini awakening.

As mentioned earlier, you can experience physical Kundalini awakening symptoms. These can consist of rashes, which are really common. And if you think about it. Let’s look at the example of a garden hose. When you turn your garden hose on and put your thumb on the end, the water spurts all over the place sideways.

So think about an energy channel that is flowing like a garden hose. If there’s a blockage, it can cause the Kundalini energy to spill out, and that can cause a rash to form. It may also be represented as backache because it initially rises up the column within the spine. And whatever you have stored in that spinal column, it will transform it, it will spiritualize it. And so, again, when it hits energy that perhaps is an out of alignment, it may cause physical pain.

Headaches are common as well. Because it’s hitting energy blockages in this Kundalini channels in the head as well. And an extreme example is seizures. So a spiritual explanation for epileptic seizures is blockages in the Kundalini channels in the head.

Other negative Kundalini awakening symptoms could be tingling sensations, sweat, perspiration, feeling hot, overheating, and possibly even feeling too cold and shivering. So there’s a range of physical symptoms that can occur due to Kundalini turning on.

Uncontrolled Emotions As Negative Kundalini Awakening Signsenergy shifts in the body and emotions

And then let’s talk about the emotional level. So, if your Kundalini comes on in an uncontrolled manner, you can have rapid emergence of emotions. Emotions are coming up in an unexplained fashion. As an example, all of a sudden, you are really angry or feel some other overwhelming emotion.

One other experience you may encounter is the Kundalini awakening will dig up buried emotions. So if you have repressed emotions, hidden them, or stuffed them down, that is negative energy in your system. For you to be in your highest alignment with your higher being, the Kundalini will start to bring those up to be cleared. It can stimulate and amplify current emotions.

So maybe you feel mildly aggressive, but you would feel a more amplified version. Or maybe you feel a little bit sad, but you would feel a more overwhelming rendition of it. Also, you may feel out of control with your grief, your anger, and so on.

Any of these or any other uncleared emotion would be accentuated. So you could feel more triggered out of proportion with what’s going on. And any inappropriate emotional outbursts can potentially be examples of negative Kundalini awakening symptoms.

And again, it will accentuate things you already believe and make them seem much more menacing. So feeling alone, isolated, different, like you don’t fit in, paranoia can be heightened. The other end of the emotional spectrum can be affected as well. Feeling powerful and invincible, unique or more special than everybody else, euphoric, ecstatic, and even mental symptoms can be exaggerated. These can extend to the degree that you might get diagnosed with a psychiatric illness.

Okay, so those are some things that can happen with a Kundalini awakening if you are not prepared to gently and in a controlled manner turn your Kundalini on, and it turns on spontaneously.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are The Most Apparent Kundalini Awakening Symptoms, and learn why it is important to be fully prepared to work with your Kundalini energy.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Are The Most Apparent Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

  • Brydie – I see many men diving into their divine masculine. Choosing to rise, step up, create, go through abstinence for a while, and ‘save the seed’ to harness and alchemize the life force energy. I’ve been wondering what the divine feminine’s perspective is at this stage. Is it still for her the same as for men and about discipline to harness it? Or could her need be to allow it as a pleasure and expression to flow and exist?
  • Brydie – Oh, this explains an unexplainable rash plus the experiences at the time a couple years ago. Aha, get it.
  • Katie – I have several questions.
    • First, Do you consider a Kundalini awakening a short-lived event, a process, or something else?
    • Second, Can symptoms change over time?
    • How can we know if symptoms are attributed to a Kundalini awakening as opposed to something else?
    • Is there a way to “treat” the negative effects you’ve mentioned?
    • Lastly, what happens post-awakening or after symptoms have subsided? Thank you!
  • Carol – Do you want to keep the kundalini energy running all day?
  • Brian – I’m curious, Dr. Lesley, if you could look and see how ‘active’ the kundalini energy is within me. What you’ve described may explain some things to me. But, still, I’d appreciate it if you could look at it and let me know what’s going on with it for me and where it’s headed, or maybe causing issues that need to be resolved?
  • Chynwe – Please, what is the difference between Kundalini energy and intuition? Do we need to choose one over the other? Thank you.
  • Taylor – Interesting. To me, celibacy would feel like suppression after years of doing that in a limiting manner. Allowing it some freedom to exist and express seems more purposeful for now. Just wondering when I’m supporting others in various ways to understand it more broadly. The course sounds interesting to check out.
  • Man – How can running Kundalini help with psychic abilities?
  • Budaj – Ah! Your answer to the last question also clarifies my first question. This makes a lot more sense to me now – thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions!
  • Taylor – I would love a reading if you are doing them today, please. I’m being shown to understand something here (know something that I don’t know what it is to know) regarding sexual and Kundalini concerning where I’m at personally at the moment, please. Very interesting and insightful answers before too. The course sounds interesting, thank you.
  • Carol – Can Kundalini help clear overactive dreams? I dream so much every night sometimes I feel like I’ve been running a marathon.
  • Brian – Would a block in the second chakra cause any digestive problems?
  • SG – hello, do you see any crystals that would be good for me to work with right now?
  • Tracy – How do you know if your Kundalini is hitting a block? I think I may have a block in my 7th chakra.

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