Is Your Heart Chakra Confused?

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Where Does Love Come From?

Is your heart chakra confused or just blocked? First, let’s take a look at what the heart chakra is and dose for you. The heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra in accordance to the Shakta, Hindu Yogic, and Buddhist Tantric traditions. It also is known as Anahata. Anahata is the Sanskrit for unhurt, unstuck, and unbeaten. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic model of the sound of the celestial realm. The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is found at heart level about the center of the chest. It is related to the human experiences of:

  • Calmness
  • Balance
  • Compassion
  • Warmth
  • Joy
  • Serenity
  • …and mostly it is considered the source of love

The heart chakra, as could probably guess, stirs love through and throughout your life. It is the center that connects you with other beings creating deep ties. It is the source of your sense of compassion and caring, your emotion of self-love, generosity, self-sacrifice, reverence, and benevolence. Anahata is responsible for your integration and unification. As well it is the base of your inner healing. It is your healing center bringing you to unity as a spirit and body and the most of all enabling love. All spiritual texts and traditions base love as the fundamental principal and healing energy. This magnificent energy is the most fundamental ingredient of the spirit, of life and of the universe

The energy of the heart chakra centers us so that we can identify ourselves as a part of a greater reality, something larger and that we are interrelated within a complex network of relations measuring through your life, afterlife and the whole, the universe. It is a fundamental path that connects us to the primary truth that binds us all together. The ‘truth’ is living life from heart energy, love. It is allowing the heart chakra to open to its fullest mean that you can live your life in a state of love, kindness, empathy, understanding, and compassion.

is your heart chakra confused or blockedThis life attracts the same from others. When they feel this unconditional love and compassion coming from your heart center they feel loved and accepted totally, complete nonjudgment. This love energy puts them in a state of feeling peace.

When Anahata is not blocked but wide open and this wonderful energy is flowing freely, the love you have for everyone else also flows inward towards you allowing you to experience self-love, self-nurturing. None of the seven chakras are more important than the other but the heart chakra is of great importance for a happy fulfilled life. Experiencing the opening of the heart chakra is to achieve true connection to our true nature, our spirit being, our soul that reside in the depths of our being.

Is Your Heart Chakra Confused With Other Energy Centers?

Are you suffering from a heart chakra blockage? Or is your heart chakra confused with relationship to the other energy centers? The human body has 7 chakras or main energy centers. These chakras and their meanings and colors often can become confusing. It is common to get the fourth chakra information muddled with that of the other chakras. ly displays their affinity, whereas most adults relate to each other through their emotions. As kids, we are therefore taught to relate to others through our emotions rather than through affinity.

We are also programmed by our culture that sexual love is what true love is. It is all over the TV and in movies and it sets the expectations of those around us. It is no surprise that people come to confuse the two and seek sex as a way to gain affinity.

The fourth chakra does not relate to the emotions or to sexual love. Information on emotions and sex are located in the second chakra. The fourth chakra contains spiritual information and the second chakra contains body information.

Is Your Heart Chakra Confused Valuing Affinity More Than Neutrality

Many people get out of balance with the fourth and sixth chakras. There is a widespread concept that we need to always be in and operate from our hearts. This is common in New Age thinking as well as many religions. However, if you do this you will be overwhelmed by the body’s desires and emotions and this will interfere with the flow of energy through the fourth chakra.

Primarily you would practice neutrality in order to develop and show an affinity for yourself. It Is essential to be centered to be neutral enough to accept yourself as you are. Being in the sixth chakra allows you to develop spiritual perspective. This then allows you to open and use the fourth chakra fully and effectively.

The fourth chakra contains affinity which is an aspect of love and the sixth chakra contains light which is an aspect of truth. You need both vibrations to function fully and be whole. We have affinity and light when we balance the fourth and sixth chakras. If we have only one we are out of balance and cannot create with our full spiritual power

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Is Your Heart Chakra Confused With False Concepts About Love

Developing the fourth chakra helps us to learn about certain aspects of love, such as affinity and oneness. However, these are not the only aspects of love. So too are communication, knowing, neutrality and reality.

The fourth chakra is not the only source of information about love. In fact, love involves all of the chakras. So if you make the heart center your only source you will only comprehend part of love and you will misunderstand and misuse it leading to frustration and confusion.

It is important in your spiritual growth that you allow the fourth chakra to be what it is and don’t turn it into everything. The ancient Greeks had different words for love depending on which aspect was being manifested:

    • Agape was unconditional love, like the oneness and affinity of the heart chakra
    • Eros was passionate sensual intimate love, appreciation of beauty
    • Philia was friendship, platonic love, and virtuous love
    • Storge was a natural affection, familial love such as parents feel for their children

It takes time and a bit of effort to really get to know yourself and your energy centers but it is worth it. Once you learn how to balance chakras you will find that your life will change, as well as those around you. For the better of course!

If you enjoyed this article and podcast, Is Your Heart Chakra Confused? , 7 Chakras And Their Meanings, The Basics is another podcast where we go deeper into the clarity around the seven chakra colors and meanings as well as:

  • How to clear blocked chakras.
  • Chakra meditations.
  • How to balance your chakras on your own.
  • Techniques for opening chakras.
  • How to unblock negative energy.
  • What a heart chakra healing is.

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