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January 20, 2014

How To Discover Your Inner Goddess!

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How To Discover Your Inner Goddess And Experience Life To The Fullest!

Is it time to learn how to discover your inner goddess? Connecting with the goddess within will be a wonderful experience for you once you tune in. Your inner goddess connection is real. You are a part of the great all that is – a piece of the eternal oneness that we sometimes refer to as God. You are a multi-dimensional eternal spiritual being of love and light, true Consciousness. What this means is you are not your physical body at all. Your body is simply a vehicle that you in your great godliness have created, to enjoy some fun (and sometimes not so fun) experiences in the physical world.

So What Is Your Inner Goddess…

How to know if you are a goddess? It is actually quite simple, you are a goddess and you are a god. You are neitherawakening your inner goddess male nor female. Regardless of the gender of your physical body, your divine consciousness is formed in the image of God, which contains both of these vibrations. So even though you may identify as a man or woman you have both male and female energy running within you. These vibrations are at your disposal as energies through which to create your life experiences. Your inner goddess connection can be the center of your life’s controlling rudder. Embrace your inner goddess!

The World You Live In Is Made Of Opposites.

Male energy (yang) is forceful and active, whereas female energy (yin) is receptive and still. Everything on earth exists on a scale of opposites from one extreme to another. We are submerged within this matrix of dualities and are constantly seeking to balance these opposites within ourselves so we can experience balance and harmony. Unleash your inner goddess!

In the male-driven world, your yang, you are judged on what you do and get done, it becomes more difficult to honor your feminine goddess, your yin. It is important as a woman to regularly connect with that special feminine energy. It is essential to your id, your self-awareness, your physical (hormonal) health, and very importantly your overall joy.

Balancing Opposites Is How You Grow And Change.

Life is a constant series of learning experiences – I’m sure you will agree. You explore different experiences in your relationships, career, health, and more. Then through various challenges, you move in and out of balance. Sometimes, you decide how you want to change to redress the balance. Other times the universe lends a helping hand. Either way, you can be sure of one thing and that is that things do always change. The challenge is how to be conscious and in control of what is happening to you.

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Awakening Your Inner Goddess

There are many gifts of connecting with your inner goddess. Once you open up to accepting the truth of who you really are life as you know it will definitely change for the good. There are steps you can take to begin this inner journey to your divine nature and reclaim your feminine birthright.

Here are a few ways to rekindle your feminine nature:rekindle your feminine nature

  • Beautify Your Personal Space: Select a special area as your divine space. Adorn it with lovely things that you relish as the goddess-like beautiful flowers, crystals, or lovely gentle goddess music or sounds. Mother Gaia has so many gifts for you to enjoy.
  • Appreciate Your Body… Take a cue from the Great Masters of art gone by. Their paintings are of wonderfully shaped women, not the size “0” that is worshiped by the media. You are beautiful just as you are.
  • Slow Down And Breathe … In our busy society, it can become a challenge to appreciate the simple pleasures life has to offer. The best way to, “stop and smell the roses”.
  • Know Your Limits… Accept and honor the fact that you cannot be everything to everyone. Be authentic with yourself and chose the tasks you accept, the relationships you become involved in, and the beliefs you take on to be yours.
  • Connect With Your True Feelings And Emotions… We are all busy doing our day to day routines and chores. sometimes you can lose the connection to your true nature, your heart center. Take notice of what you are feeling. Take that short journey from your head to your heart.
  • Spend Time In Nature… One of the min places that reconnects me to my Spirit is being in nature. It can help you to release your inner goddess without any effort.
  • Practice Goddess Rituals… Create and practice your special customs and routines that reconnect you to your Godessness. Whether it is a luxurious bath or a centering guided meditation take the time for yourself.

Your inner goddess connection is waiting for your call. Try a wonderful inner goddess meditation.

The time for awakening your inner goddess is here. See how keen she is to help you. By increasing your female energy you can enter a state of receptivity and stillness that will allow you to easily access your spiritual guidance, the goddess within. Running your female energy is easy – here is a simple exercise for you to practice:

Find a quiet spot and sit down to meditate. Take some deep breaths and allow your breath to connect you to your body. Do this for as long as it takes for you to feel very present. Use the out-breath to release distractions and busy thoughts.

In your mind’s eye imagine you have a gauge. On one end is your male energy and on the other end is your female energy. Take a reading of your gauge and notice how you feel at that moment. Then move it all the way over to the female side and compare the difference.

You have awakened your inner goddess. Continue running your female energy throughout your meditation. If you are sensitive to energy, you may even feel it pulsing up the front of your body.

Use the remaining time to seek answers to your most pressing questions.

Be aware that the answers may come to you in many ways. You may simply know the answer. Or you might hear a voice. If you are very lucky you may even see a vision of a magnificent goddess bringing you great gifts of inner wisdom. Regardless of how it happens, take notice and enjoy your return to your true nature.

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