What Is The Human Aura Part 2 – The Spiritual Perspective

what is the relationship with your human aura in respect to your spiritual nature
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Auras And Your Spiritual Awakening

In the previous article, What Are Auras Part 1 – The Scientific Explanation, I discussed Auras from a scientific an aura is the human energy fieldperspective. In this article What Is The Human Aura Part 2, The Metaphysical Perspective I want to cover a spiritual panorama on the human energy field, the Aura. As we all know, thoughts can influence matter. So the configuration of atoms and molecules, discussed in Part I, is not occurring simply according to a biological blueprint but is also influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and experiences. In fact, your aura is a spiritual recording of all your memories, emotions, thoughts and concepts about life.

The Human Aura And Your Spiritual Awakening

You are aware of your human aura but how do these vortexes of colored energy affect your spiritual growth and visa versa. As you go through a spiritual awakening it stimulates great developments within your physical and spiritual bodies. As this increase in your spiritual awareness expands it has major effects on and your journey towards inner harmony and peace. As this journey carries forth, your personality and outlook on all things physical and spiritual are modified accordingly.

This journey typically influences and changes your aura. Not everyone will note this change. Generally seeing someone, a psychic intuitive reader like myself, can read your auras in conjunction with your chakra energies. This can lead you to a more profound understanding of your spiritual nature, the spiritual world and the according changes deep within you.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

When most people in the Metaphysical community use the term spiritual awakening they are usually are referring to transcendence or enlightenment. However, the experience itself is not the same for all. Neither is the effect on their auras. A spiritual awakening generally causes modified states of discernment and perception in relation to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a being as well as a brightening and auric color changes.

As someone who has experienced an enlightenment occurrence, you may feel your concept of reality has shifted, that life has become more elegant and less turbulent. You sense a closer connection with, the Universe, God or whatever your term you use to name the Divine Source. This energy that awakens consciousness within you has also been called Kundalini. One of the features of such an awakening is the rekindling of your psychic powers.

Generally, spiritual awakenings can be quite uncomfortable at first. Unexpected life trauma, stress or personal tragedy will influence this type of introspective growth. Facing death in some ways, yours or someone you love, the faltering of a relationship as in divorce or breakups often trigger this type of search for an answer to life’s meaning.

Techniques to Stimulate Enlightenment

There are other ways that you use to stimulate this spiritual awakening journey. Practices like meditation, yoga,associating feelings with colors of your auras extended fasting can also lead you to a more spiritually centered life. Turning to find the connection to whatever you call your Higher Power ordinarily happens when you are forced into some form of a difficult situation, physically, emotionally or mentally and your personal boundaries are being stretched.

These traumatic situations along the spiritual awakening itself can overwhelm and disorient you. Feelings of guilt, defenselessness, anxiety, fear and even depression can arise within you. These are only brief and will pass quickly. Your aura color and density will follow suit.

Once this initial surge of uncomfortable experiences subside others will take their place. Your spiritual awakening will also be accompanied by feelings of euphoria, astral travel, increased sexual arousal, which seems like a strange side effect but when the Kundalini is aroused generally so are you. Heightened Kundalini energy may also display in physical terms such as the shakes, increased body temperature, or spasms. This is because you are experiencing pranic healing. Your negative past emotions and memories of painful ordeals which are stored in the body are dissipating.

Spiritual Awakening, Grounding Meditation, And The Human Aura

This is where a grounding meditation can come in. You can ground to mother earth through your first chakra, the root chakra, and dissipate the negative energy down into the center of the earth. At the same time, you can allow the positive earth energy to flow back into you.

Many times all these events happen to individuals without any awareness that they are going through a spiritual upheaval, a spiritual awakening. You auras, however, will tell your story. If you can read your own auras and are able to translate the shifts occurring then you have no worries. If you cannot do so I would again advise you to seek the help of spiritual coach like me to help you along and speed up your transference.

The Aura Is The Window To The Soul

The aura is sometimes referred to as the window to the soul. This is because your aura carries an electromagnetic signature of who you are right now. It indicates your present state of being, such as whether you are healthy, what is your emotional state, what concepts and beliefs you operate from and so on. Associating feelings with colors of your auras and having someone who can read auras, such as an intuitive or psychic reader, can give an idea of your spiritual well being. Knowing how to see your aura can help guide you in where to focus your healing energy.

The Human Aura Determines How You See And Are Seen

As you exist within this energy field, you see the world and the world sees you through this veil of energy and because you are constantly having new experiences your aura is highly dynamic and changes all the time. The spiritual meaning of colors of auras can expose why this happens. what color is my aura is a great question to ask and can help guide your decisions in life.

How Does Your Life Affect Your Aura?

Your aura is a reflection of your overall attitude and disposition both physically, emotionally and spiritually. As you learn more about the spiritual and emotional and physical importance of your aura, you may just obtain stronger insights into your interpersonal relationships and also learn about you yourself.

The state of your aura, its brightness, the colors are indicators of what’s happening in your life. If you are someone who is healthful, self-assured, and confident your aura will be light and bright. This can be sensed by others even if they do not see it.

Auras Play A Prominent Part In Your Life

If you are depressed emotionally or spiritually you most probably have a dull aura. If you’re not in a particularly can mediataion help you with your spiritual awakeninggreat place in your life, your aura will reflect it. However, these issues do not have to be permanent. Once your situations change so does your aura. This natural change in your emotional and physical well-being will reflect in an auric transmutation, because it is eternally active, and constantly connected to your essence and the universe.

Yet you can effectively make changes as well. Meditation is a key practice to help with aura cleansing and balancing.

Once you become aware of the power of auras, you can consciously do a few things that will keep your aura nice and clean. A simple way to keep yourself clear is to merely envision your aura during a seated meditation. Close your eyes, picture a white light radiating from within your body, and then imagine it flowing through your whole system from head to toe. Think of that bright light clearing out the dullness in your aura and bringing you back to healthy centeredness.

We cover more concepts about this wonderful marvel on another post on my website called What Is An Aura where we look at how to see your aura and how to read auras.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Human Aura Part 2 – The Spiritual Perspective, for more on auras.

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