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March 23, 2021

How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal, Your Totem Animal? UYT283

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What Is A Spirit Animal?

You have all heard the term animal totems or spirit animals and wondered if you have one or how to find out your true spirit animal. Well, you may not know it yet, but you can do so easily. First, let’s take a look at what these spirit animals are.

How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal, Your Totem Animal

What Are Totem Animals And Spirit Animals?

You can use different names for these other spirit animals, but they are basically all the same when it comes down to it. They are animal spirit guides in essence. These medicine spirit animals, power animals, animal allies have a long tradition in many indigenous cultures on our planet.
There seems to be a form of spiritual connection with the animal kingdom and these cultures. It may even extend to telepathic communication with the animal kingdom. This interaction occurs between the human consciousness and animal consciousness.

The idea is that the animals have things that they can teach you. In this case, there would be a need to receive and send messages in some way. When a particular animal shows up at a specific time, it’s possible to receive guidance and teachings and heal through these animals.
As you examine the animal kingdom, you will realize that every animal has its own unique personality.

Each species group has its innate character as well. They have their habits and behavior patterns of interacting with the natural world.

All of those characteristics of the animal comprise information that may have a message for you as observing that animal. When an animal is introduced as significant to you, like a power animal or an animal totem, it’s essential to watch the characteristics of that animal.

Observe it in its natural habitat. And think about all of those behaviors and characteristics that are the core what are animal spirit guidesessence of the animal. Therein is found the information and the message that you can draw from them.
What is an animal totem or a power animal? These are living animals or animals in spirit with which you may have a powerful connection or relationship. You could think of an animal totem as a kind of spirit guide animal. There may be individual animals that are key for you because there is a central message within the essence of that animal that is pertinent to your life.

There may be some animal totems that are important for you for your entire lifetime. Depending on what you’re going through, they may show up because there are messages and information pertinent to the growth cycle you are in at present.

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Native American Totem Animals

Another name for what we’re talking about is a power animal. A power animal is a slightly different idea. These power animals are something from the world of native American animal symbols and Shamanism. A shaman may have a Power Animal which he or she can shapeshift into, merge with, and take journeys within. For example, a shaman who has a mountain lion as a power animal may merge with the consciousness of the mountain lion and travel with the mountain lion through the environment. The shaman can experience the environment through the eyes of the mountain lion. A shaman may merge with the energy of his eagle totem and scout out the territory from the eagle’s perspective.

Some Pagan traditions have their form of spirit animals. It is not uncommon the think of witches having a familiar, often a cat. This power animal is closely associated with the witch and maybe keeps it as a pet. But, it may be sent into the world on missions. Like the shaman, the witch may be able to see through the eyes of their familiar. There is a long and rich tradition of this is probably all cultures that exist on our planet. Many of them that are even forgotten.

What Is My Spirit Guide Animal?how to communicate with your spirit guide animal

This explanation is by no means covers all the grounds of how humans have connected on a spiritual level with animals. Now you have been explained, how do you connect with this idea of spirit animals and animal totems?
How do you know:

  • Who is your spirit animal?
  • What is your animal totem?
  • How to find your spirit animal?

These are all questions that come up when this topic is broached. One prevalent way Spirit animals come into your life is in dreams. You may have a dream or vision which involves an animal, and that animal has a message for you. Everything in a dream is a symbol, so an animal appearing in a dream means something important. You may have a confrontation with that animal, or that animal may bite you. In the shamanic tradition, being bitten by an animal in a dream means that this animal introduces itself to you. That is your power animal or one of your animal totems. Whether it bites you or not, it appears in the dream as a symbol and has a message for you to pay attention to and learn.

Another way to connect with your spirit animal is through meditation. To deliberately meditate on the idea that you want to meet and connect with your totem animal, your spirit animal, in that meditation.

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Another way spirit animals may be introduced to you is through an affinity for a particular animal. You know and possibly don’t understand an animal, but you feel this connection, this interconnection in your heart. You may feel a strong pull towards a particular animal. That animal may have a message for you. You may have a powerful connection with the essence of that animal, and it may be a teacher for you.

You might have an affinity for it. Or, on the rare occasion, you might have a repulsion for it. A spirit animal may be nice and friendly; however, the opposite can be true as well. You have an aversion to a particular kind of animal, and what does that teach you?

Strong Spirit Animals You Admirenative american animal symbols include strong spirit animals

You can also identify with an animal that you admire. You would like to have a particular characteristic of that animal. That’s also something that you can do. Let’s say you want to be fierce and strong like a lion. You can invoke and call in that characteristic, that energy of the lion to embody it.

Occasionally as in many aboriginal cultures, a spiritual alliance with an animal is created for the whole group. You may think of it like that animal is a teacher, a representation, and a symbol of that clan or that group of people. In some traditional cultures, people will wear the garb of a particular animal. For example, if you belong to the bear clan, you have a bear spirit animal and will probably wear a bearskin or tooth around your neck. You may wear an eagle feather as a part of the eagle clan or some other connection to a specific power animal or totem animal.

Some traditions will use things from animals like bones and teeth, and feathers in a divination practice. Ancient Romans and other early cultures would slaughter an animal and cast its entrails on the ground. Depending on how the entrails configured themselves, they would use that to do a psychic reading. These animals, however, were revered.

What Are Animal Totems

Regardless of the type of spirit animal you connect with, once you learn how to call your spirit animal and communicate, you will find that their information and guidance beneficial in your life.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal, Your Totem Animal, learn about
how to find your animal totems and spirit animal meanings.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal, Your Totem Animal:

  • I think I have a turtle spirit animal.
  • The turtle, for me, sometimes symbolizes to slow down, slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes it’s just confirmation of something that I am thinking. Sometimes I will ask for a turtle to be shown to me to know that I am being thought of from the other side.
  • What about when you see cardinals or butterflies? Is this an animal totem or a loved one that has passed on sending you a sign from them?
  • Are bugs considered animals?
  • ​What is an animal “totem”? Is it like a totem pole?
  • ​Is there a difference between Spirit Animals and Power Animals? Also, does one’s Spirit Animal ever change?
  • Today in my garden, I frog popped up and hung out with me for a while. I looked up the spiritual meaning, and it was pretty on point with some things I’m going through right now.
  • ​Deer keep on showing up in my life in both positive and negative situations. Is this significant?
  • ​Can you see what my spirit animal is?
  • ​I saw a yellow butterfly last year for six months. This yellow butterfly followed me everywhere. Could this be my butterfly spirit animal?
  • ​How would one find out what their spirit animal is?
  • When you reincarnate, could you become an animal in your next life?
  • ​I have been drawn to moose for a while now, even though I live in NYC.
  • ​Suppose a person is outside and a feather floats from mid-air to that person. In that case, it’s that to be considered a gift from a passed loved one, or is it anything significant or just a fluke?
  • Will your animal totem change? Like one day, you may see the face of a lion in your awareness, and another day you may see a wolf.
  • ​Can a spirit animal be a humanoid version of an animal? Like a cat that is the size of a human and stands on two legs. Or did I encounter something? Could this be my cat spirit animal?
  • I also had a dream about two snowy owls flying in front of me. Could this be a snowy owl spirit animal?
  • Ha! Yes. Being the observer, removing barriers that may be holding us back, eliminating toxicity and going deeper with our emotions, and reminder for self-love and self-care. Knowing when to use my voice, I feel like the frog resonates with the throat chakra for me. Transformation and adaptability. Thanks for your insights, things I didn’t think about too.
  • ​Last year, an albino deer crossed the road as I was returning home from Wisconsin. I live in San Diego, CA – so this was a very rare sighting, especially for me.
  • Hi Dr. Phillips, can you tell me what my spirit animal is also?
  • ​I have a general idea of what my spirit animal could be but don’t know for sure. It’s blurry when I look at it. I would love for you to look!
  • ​Can you tell me what my spirit animal is, please?
  • ​How do we know what they are trying to tell us, like the butterfly?
  • ​Will we only know if an animal is our spirit animal if we come across it either in person, in our thoughts, or images? Can you help me figure mine out, please?
  • I’ve never explicitly felt connect to dear. Still, I find that frequently in my meditations of late, deer (or more specifically, a white doe) show up. Is there a specific message there?
  • ​A shamanic healer told me that if the deer was moving left to right (which it was), it means I will experience positive change ​and spiritual growth*
  • If there is time, I would love for you to see what other animals are with me now.
  • Hi, sorry I’m late. The last time I joined your webinar, my spirit animal was not clear to me. Could you please tell me now?

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